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Miranda Kerr; supermodel, Victoria Secret model, face and ambassador of Clear, H&M, Swarovski and Qantas (just to name a few. Forbes recently ranked her as the second-highest paid model in the world), her own range for Royal Doulton,  Miranda’s own beauty range, Kora and Mum to son, Flynn. Miranda is the epitome of a Woman of Style and Substance.

Beautiful, intelligent (Miranda holds degrees in nutrition and health psychology), business woman, mother, Miranda Kerr seems to have it all.

We had to find out how Miranda manages to do it all and still look amazing with a Q and A with her:

1. Please let us in on your secret to looking so good.
I am passionate about health and nutrition. If you take care of your mind and body, they will take care of you! I know that’s an old cliché but it does make a difference.
2. Why have you become the brand ambassador for Clear Scalp & Beauty Therapy?
I was excited when Unilever approached me to become the brand ambassador for Clear Scalp & Beauty Therapy. I’m an advocate for a holistic approach to beauty and well-being so the fact that this new line treated the entire strand of hair from root to tip impressed me.

3. How do you maintain your long locks?
The key to great looking hair is to have a balanced diet and stay well hydrated and also to find a shampoo and conditioner that really nourishes the hair from root to tip. When I was working in New York recently, a friend recommended a range called Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. It gently cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp, ensuring that your hair grows strong and beautiful from root to tip.
Packed with vitamins and nutrients including vitamins B5, C, and E, plus essential oils and aloe vera, the products left my hair noticeably silkier. Before I signed on, they sent me the products to try and I really liked them—they smell great and make my hair super-soft and shiny.
I especially like the conditioner because it moisturises without being greasy—the wrong conditioner can make it difficult to do hairstyles with a lot of volume or wave.
4. Do you have any hair style tips?
Depending on my daily commitments and work schedule, my hair may be well groomed one day or totally natural the next. I personally like simple elegant ponytails… it’s a classic look that works for me.

5. What are your top beauty tips for mums on the go?
A product I could not live without is the KORA Organics Luxurious Rosehip Oil. It’s a great multitasking product that can be used as a hydrating face treatment, gentle eye makeup remover, a cuticle treatment or to add a subtle shine to cheekbones.
Make sure your beauty regime is simple and use products that suit you. It’s really important to look after your skin – it’s the body’s largest organ and one that more often than not gets overlooked. I make sure that I cleanse my face every night and apply rosehip oil before I go to sleep. It’s full of antioxidants and works to rejuvenate the skin.
On my hair, I use Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy which is a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients to nourish the scalp to work where it matters most, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair.
It’s also really important to try to find some time to focus on yourself. That’s why I love Yoga and Pilates. Both are very important parts of my life. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, it gives me the opportunity to switch off and focus entirely on being in the present.
6. How do you ensure that your skin always looks so fresh and healthy?
The key to great skin is to drink plenty of water. I add some Chlorophyll as research suggests that it’s naturally alkaline and contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. I also drink Noni juice twice a day.
I try to body brush and exfoliate regularly. I use my KORA Organics exfoliating cream all over when showering to ensure my skin is super smooth. I love wearing a signature red lip (Revlon Colourstay Top Tomato) to brighten my face – this is a great trick to hide tiredness!
7. What beauty secret did you inherit from your mum?
My mum taught me that beauty comes from within and I try to live my life to this philosophy. It’s not only about eating well, exercising and taking good care of your skin and hair,… it’s about self-love and respecting yourself. My mum encouraged me to be confident, to follow my dreams, be brave and stand up for what I believe in.
8. How do you eat healthily when you are on the go?
My life can be so fast paced so I try to pack water, almonds and Goji berries so I can snack healthily whenever and wherever I am.
9. What’s your best beauty tip?
Rest and take time out for yourself.
10. What’s the most common makeup mistake women can make?
Wearing too much make up. I believe that make up should enhance your best features not cover them.

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