Top Tips for Pre-Christmas Cleaning

Sometimes it can be tricky to juggle work, kids and housework normally but throw in hosting the Christmas lunch, dinner or visitors and

If you have an organised household cleaning routine, it will make it easy to transition back to your normal cleaning routine when Christmas comes to an end. Keep these tips in mind

  1. Set up a plan for minimum maintenance to carry the household through the busy holiday season.
  2. Circle the house, and make a master list of needed cleaning chores. Focus on public areas, rooms used by house guests, and kitchen and food storage areas. Include special holiday tasks such as polishing silver and ironing table linens.
  3. Accept the gift of giving – When friends and family offer to bring a dish to Christmas lunch, let them! Not only will you save time cooking the whole feast yourself, but it will mean less washing up on Christmas night.
  4. Set up a plan for minimum maintenance to carry the household through the busy holiday season.
  5. Embrace Christmas Magic and opt for the quick-fix – We all love to have a sparkling kitchen, but Christmas really isn’t the time to be wiping down every surface in the house. Keeping products like cleaning wipes on hand can be a godsend when it comes to quickly cleaning up a splash of wine or pavlova crumbs, and getting back to the party.
  6. Take Christmas to the great outdoors – Make full use of the Summer weather and host your Christmas feast outside. Not only will your carpet and floors be saved from the mess, but you’ll avoid hours of vacuuming and dusting.
  7. Give your fridge the pre-Christmas cleanout – Clean out your fridge well before the Christmas feast starts to build up. Removing all old items and giving it a quick once over with some cleaning spray will save you from repeatedly re-arranging leftovers into the new year, and guessing how old that summer salad might be.
  8. Make a makeshift box of Christmas foods separate to the other products in your cupboard for easy reach and it saves time on trying to find everything you need on the day.
  9. Clean the bathroom and toilet. These areas will most likely be the most visited rooms of the house during the day. Add a toilet clock or clip on toilet cleaner to maintain the toilet and provide a nice smell in between cleans.
  10. Guest bedrooms. If you have guests staying, make sure the bed linen is fresh and clean and they have access to towels.

We hope our tips help you with your pre Christmas preparations.

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