Clever Ways to Update Your Period Property


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Home improvements can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true if you live in a period property. While you want to preserve the character of the building, you also want the comfort of modern-day living. There are several ways you can achieve 21st century living with the charm and character of the past.

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Windows on period properties can be tricky. Many have beautiful, original frames that are part of the traditional aesthetic. However, the glass has single panes. This is not energy-efficient and allows in cold draughts. Companies such as Pembroke & Nash can provide double glazing, which preserves the original frames. This will provide you with the best of both worlds. You can enjoy warm, cosy rooms without compromising on style. An added benefit is that you will waste less energy and reduce bills.

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Your front door provides the first impression of your home. If it’s looking a little tired, you have a couple of options. Either fix any issues and give it a new lick of paint or replace it. A new PVC door is likely to ruin the effect. Therefore, opt for salvaged doors that will complement your home’s aesthetic. Authentic door knockers and furnishings can also be sourced.

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It is important to check the roof on any property, regardless of age. Broken tiles can cause numerous issues. If repairs do need to be made, opt for authentic, reclaimed tiles to match the originals. Ensure your roof is insulated to keep heat in and avoid wasting fuel. 

If space is an issue, some homeowners look into converting their loft space. This adds another bedroom or bathroom to the property.

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When decorating your period home, choose shades that fit in with the property’s age. This is not a hard and fast rule. You may prefer to update a little and use modern tones that complement the appearance. Many brands now offer authentic colours to suit a specific date range. You can also buy reproduction wallpaper to represent the relevant era.

Try to maintain features such as ceiling roses, cornices, and picture rails, etc. The room can look odd without them. If they have been removed by a previous occupant, consider replacing them.

Introduce some modern touches to make your home work for you. Be savvy with storage. Box off untidy cables so they don’t ruin the overall look of the room. Don’t overfill rooms and make them look cluttered. Keep floor space free and introduce mirrors to provide the illusion of space.

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Some period properties can be a little dark and gloomy. Therefore, it is important to find clever ways to add light. Make the most of all natural light sources. Don’t add furniture in front of windows. Avoid closed blinds. Instead, consider light curtains and roman blinds that can be opened fully. This will maximise your natural light source.

Lamps and light fittings can remain authentic. Or, if you prefer you can introduce modern options that complement the design. First, work out what is needed on a functional level and then choose your lighting accordingly.

If you’re savvy with your updates, you can combine modern day comforts with the character and style of a bygone era.

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