Spoil Yourself With These Indulgent Home Improvement Ideas

Most people have some rather indulgent ideas for home improvements. Sometimes it can be nice to invest in a little luxury. After all, home is where we spend most of our time. So why not enjoy that time with a little flair and indulgence! If you’re looking for some upgrade and improvement ideas, then we have a few that might be worth consideration:



For the ultimate bathroom, you might be thinking about a roll top bath surrounded by mood lighting and candles. But why not go all the way to luxury and indulgence with a jacuzzi bath? All those bubbles invigorating your skin and massaging the day away could be just the treat you need. Some jacuzzi tubs come with color changing lights. Add pillows and waterproof speakers for your most relaxing playlist.

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Maybe you prefer showers? You could enjoy the ultimate shower with steam, full body jets, mood lighting and TV. Use a company like American Plumbing Inc to install your new bathroom so you can be confident all the facilities work. Fitted furniture hides all the plumbing and pipe work. It also provides lots of extra storage for all those luxurious spa products you love. Best of all, it looks contemporary and stylish.


Outdoor Entertaining

To add extra value to your home this year, consider renovating your yard or garden space. Creating extra living, dining, or entertaining areas is highly desirable right now. You could install a new covered patio area for (nearly) all year round dining. A small Zen garden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some Yoga practice with a friend.

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Add some planting and structured landscaping to create a wonderful vista. View it from the comfort of your living room. With the right seating choices, you could be in the middle of nature and beauty on a summer day without leaving your home. A good sized patio dining set with luxury barbeque grill will be the perfect addition to your entertaining space outdoors.


Living Room

For the ultimate home cinema experience, invest in a huge 4K TV. Ask an electrician to wire your whole room for an incredible immersive sound experience. Dimmable LED lights can create just the right mood for that girl’s night in. A cheeky beer fridge in the corner could handle a pitcher of cocktails too! When you’re enjoying a movie, why not relax on a leather recliner chair? Some even vibrate to massage away the day.

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Living rooms are the center of any home. To make this room ultra-indulgent, opt for a thick pile carpet. Sensuous on your bare toes, and cozy in the winter, carpet is the ideal flooring for a luxury living room. Faux fur throws for the sofa, and a roaring open fire will keep you extra warm. They’re great when you fancy that little bit of extra comfort.


If you’re thinking of a home improvement project, why not spoil yourself with an indulgent addition? A hot tub in the garden or a luxury super king mattress could be just the thing! Indulge yourself a little, and make life at home that little bit more fun.


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