Coasting Through Life: Why A House By The Sea Is Worth Every Cent

We all have in our mind’s eye the perfect home. All the boxes can be ticked off one by one. It’s the right size – whether that be an apartment, bungalow or mansion. It might be decked out with the latest in modern conveniences – or it could be right off the grid and a tribute to the simple life. And the location is important too. For some of us, it will be among the bright lights of a big city. For others, it’s somewhere quiet and bucolic, where your nearest neighbours are cattle.

For many people, the perfect place to live is somewhere by the sea. The attractions are obvious, of course. Sea air is as clean as it gets, and for anyone sick of the pollution of urbanised areas it’s a chance to do something for your health. Coastal locations have other attractions too. You’re always close to the nearest beach. Fresh fish is readily available. If your budget stretches to a boat, then day trips are a tantalising option.

With all of that said, is a beachfront property your dream home? If you go over the pros and cons of living by the sea, do you come out in favour? It all depends on your priorities – but it’s worth looking at the good and bad before deciding.

Pro: Healthwise, It’s A Slam Dunk

If you want to stay in the best of health, then a home by the sea has a lot going for it. With air that comes straight off the water, you’re not going to have the smog problems that arise in more built-up urban areas. That’s just part of the health attraction, however.


Living near to a beach presents you with plenty of opportunities and the ideal environment in which to exercise. Unlike in a big city, where space is at a premium, you can go for long walks without having to stop every few steps to let someone past. You can jog on the beach and then cool down with a dip in the ocean. Not to mention that the sound of the ocean is among the most relaxing noises imaginable. There’s a reason people gravitate to the beach for their holidays.

Con: Sea Levels Are Rising

There’s no getting around the fact that the planet is heating up and it is affecting sea levels. This isn’t great news for people whose homes are right on the beach. Here’s a stat to spook you: Between 1900 and 2000, sea levels rose by a matter of inches. In the 21st century, they could increase by anywhere up to seven feet ( Floods are going to become more common, and properties are going to be lost.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should cancel your dreams of living by the sea right away. What you may wish to consider is that the beachfront view may well be spectacular, but buying a house further back from the coast is safer. Even just a few hundred yards could make a big difference and allow you to still enjoy the coastal life.

Pro: It’s The Perfect Spot In Summer

Buying or building a home on the coast doesn’t need to raise questions of whether the house will still be there in thirty years. For example, a home built on cliffs will be out of reach of all but the most determined waves. And it makes for an excellent view in the summertime.

Anyone with an outdoor space likes to make use of it when the days warm up and the evenings are longer. Patio or decking are pleasant enough in the suburbs, but take on an extra level of wonder when by the sea. It’s worth checking out suppliers such as to get the full impression. Enjoying an evening garden party against that kind of backdrop is an experience to be cherished.

Con: There’s A Tourist Trap Issue

How much you enjoy living by the sea may be governed by how you feel about crowds in summer. Let’s face it, those of us who don’t live on the coast quite enjoy heading for it the moment the weather is warm enough. So when you do live out there, you can begin to feel infringed upon when you suddenly have to queue in shops that you can usually be in and out of in minutes. There are quieter seaside towns, but will they fit your budget?

It’s something you need to get used to if you’re going to move to a seaside location. For most of the year you’ll have a relatively quiet, relaxed experience. But towns and cities by the sea rely on summer tourism revenue for much of their income, for jobs and investment. If you feel that you would be put off by this, then maybe you need to make the reverse journey – head inland for the summer!

Pro: You’ll Never Run Out Of Things To Do

Although the numbers thin out in the colder seasons, seaside cities and towns stay open all year. Once upon a time, these places were the lifeblood of entire nations, as the only way of exporting, importing and holidaying was by sea. As such, they have developed local industries that have remained very much part of their culture. Not only that, they have often retained an old-time charm.


Going for a walk along the beachfront promenade is something you won’t get tired of, as the views are second to none. If you want to wind down, there are options such as fishing, while you can always try surfing if you’re up for more activity. Where there are beachfront pursuits, there will always be nightlife too. So if you enjoy the occasional night out, you’ll never get bored.

There are many reasons people covet real estate by the sea. It’s an idyllic location in which to live, and that’s not about to change. And as more and more people become conscious of the importance of getting off the beaten track, they are properties which will hold their value. So if for some reason you ever get tired of living on the coast, you can expect to make a profit should you sell up.

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