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Top 3 Essential Tips For A Dream Garden

Gardens are like a life-size painting of who you are and what makes you smile that you put on display to your neighbours. While you might think that gardens are nothing but a bit of funny colours and plants in front of your house, they actually reveal a lot about who you are and how you think about life. So here are our top three tips on how to create the best garden for you.


Know Your Garden Like Yourself

It may sound silly but stick with me on this one: Gardens need love to bloom and grow. You certainly know at least one friend who has the opposite of green thumbs; every plant they touch appears to die. There is often no ill intention behind it. It’s nothing more than lack of knowledge that kills the plants. If you want to start gardening, the first thing you have to do is not to put on your wellies and kneel by a patch of grass outside, but it is to read and research about the plants of your garden.There are plenty of options online to discover more about landscaping and gardening without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Enjoy it; this is the only moment where you can take care of your garden without making a single move! But this happens to be also the most important step. Know your garden so you can care better.

Put Some Work Into Your Garden

Before you pick which flowers to place by the gate and decide where to dig the pond, you need to be aware of one thing. What you choose to do with your garden will define what work you will have to put into it in the long term. For example, if you want to have cute, little bushes looking back at you when you open the bedroom curtain, there’s a fair bet that you will need to prune them regularly. Similarly, if you love the buzzing and flying life, you can select specific plants for this wild life, but you will need to ensure that there is room as well for the bees and birds to stay safely in your garden. There is no lazy option in gardening, but don’t worry! A little bit of love and care in the garden will soon prove rewarding when the plants and flowers start growing under the sun.

There are some essentials that you will need to buy at the start of your quest for a plant paradise: A lawnmower such as the Sun Joe electric lawnmower for example, as seen at Lawn Mower Lane is a must have, along with gloves, sturdy boots, and a pair of shears. But ultimately the plants you pick will determine what you need to purchase to help them grow.  

Remember To Enjoy Your Garden

A garden is for the eyes and the nose only, and eventually the mouth if you happen to plant fruit trees! At its core, the garden needs to be a place where you feel relaxed and happy. This is not the second office that demands permanent work and adds more stress to your everyday life. So before you start planning your garden, take a walk outside, enjoy the sun, and ask yourself ‘Am I de-stressed enough for it?’ There is no need starting on a new project if there is already too much going on in your life!

To sum up, there are only easy steps to take to become a garden expert. Understand the plants you have, care for them and enjoy the view! It’ll soon be a magnificent portrait of who you are and what you love!                 

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