The Most Common Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Do you freak out when things seem dry down there? You need not worry. There are many reasons why women experience vaginal dryness, and the problem is a lot more common than you’d think.

In fact, 19% of Australian women a year experience vaginal dryness, most women commonly experienced it at least once a week.

It’s important for your vagina to be moist, not just because lubrication makes sex feel more pleasurable. Vaginal wetness keeps things healthy down there and even serves as a line of defence against infections and other nasties.

While you try and work out what is causing your dryness, we recommend relieving the symptoms by using Vagisil ProHydrate Gel. The gel works with your body for dryness relief that feels natural so you can feel like yourself again. The gel not only works fast and is long lasting, it is discreet so only you know you’re using it. Not like lubricants, that can be quite messy and don’t feel natural.

So what could be the cause of your dryness?

  1. Hormones

One of the most common causes of vaginal dryness is a decrease in oestrogen levels. This can be caused by the contraceptive pill, child birth and breast feeding.

  1. Medications

Cold and flu medications and allergies, antidepressants and other medications can be a cause of vaginal dryness. Antihistamines, as well as drying up your nose and sinuses, can dry up things down there as well.

  1. Stress

Psychological and emotional factors like stress and anxiety can also interfere with sexual desire and lead to vaginal dryness. Stress and tiredness from everyday life, feeling anxious or pressured can make it harder to get turned on. Once the stress lifts, things will go back to normal.

  1. Not Aroused Enough

In some cases, vaginal dryness may be caused by a low libido or sexual problems with a partner. Take your time with a lot of foreplay before trying intercourse.

  1. Irritants

Many women have allergies to detergents and soaps. There can be irritants on things like underwear or towels or you could be allergic to things like condoms, lubricants, massage oils or sex toys. Allergies to latex can also cause problems.

As we mentioned above, thankfully Vagisil ProHydrate Gel is a simple, easy and a natural feeling solution to vaginal dryness.

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