Home Improvements To Change Your House In A BIG way

All of us have big ideas about what we want to achieve in life. We all want different things – some of us will want a happy family, others will want to create, others will want a successful career, and some people might be happy with a good looking home. Nobody should be mocked for what they aspire to achieve; everyone is made happy in life thanks to different things. Let’s focus on a good looking home – for one, because it can be quite easy to achieve if you’ve got a design in mind and a philosophy to stick to – and of course a budget, but also because it is our area of expertise. Of course!


If you want your home to look good – how do you want that to happen? Do you want the exterior to look great? Do you want the interior to feel decadent with plenty of glamour, splendour, and beauty? Everyone is different because we are all attracted to different schools of thought within design – someone’s trash is another person’s treasure for instance. But, if it’s your home and you are paying for it, you should make it look the way that appeals to you. It’s your home after all.

The thing is, home improvements have purpose beyond ‘looking good.’ Home improvements can also add a lot of value to a home, exponentially. For example, you might find a renovation in a loft renovation that turns an attic into a new room – this might add 40% of it’s cost back on top as additional value should the home be sold. You’ll actually find that plenty of home renovations add a huge amount of value that exceeds the cost of performing the renovation. This means that any renovation – no matter how much the cost, is going to be something that is worth the cost as it’s a huge investment. It is something that almost pays for itself, and you could certainly see it in that light.

Home renovations and improvements aren’t just performed for financial gain though. They can be – but we do see renovations completed sometimes out of necessity. Of course, home improvements are also done to improve the standard of living within a home. We might want the best from our current surroundings, which means we need to look into home renovations and improvements so we can get more from where we are currently leaving

No matter the reasons, we are going to examine some of the improvements that we can do to the home.

One of the lesser known improvements that you can do the home involves light. Light really is a powerful thing in design. It allows for focus, emphasis, and it also lets a design breathe – in this case, a room. Lightning is really easy to bring into the home and can be completed within a day – it just takes a bit of rewiring. As long as you’ve got the bulbs and fixtures ready, you can revamp your indoor lighting rather rapidly.

In many cases, to add an improvement to the home, you simply need to make use of the natural world – that means making use of natural light and all that it offers to the home. Natural lighting is pretty important when it comes to design in the home – most ideas are based around what the design actually looks like in the glare of sunlight. Having big and wide windows is good as it allows sunlight to have a large part and say in how a room looks and most things look fantastic under sunlight. If you aren’t lucky enough to have huge windows, you’ll have to find workarounds. Use light paints and mirrors to make a room seem bigger than it is, and to work with sunlight. However, allowing so much light in can detract from privacy – and even function, we don’t like being cooped in dark rooms, but being stuck in hot and bright rooms might be just as bad – on occasion. Windows can quite obviously be seen through and what this means is that if you’re taking advantage of windows, it means people can peek in. Maybe they won’t, but you still want to be safe in the knowledge that they can’t. Find a solution with someone like Premier Tint to ensure that you can darken your windows to get the best of both worlds. Natural lighting is a true gift to those with an eye for design, so make sure that you can use it.

Creative types can really have fun with indoor lighting though. It’s an overlooked aspect of interior design, but with the right mindset and sprinkle of creativity. Good lighting is pretty underrated, and you can take advantage of this to really excel when it comes to design in the home. With recessed lighting, ornate lamps, candles – we have a lot of choices when it comes to controlled lighting within the home. Light can bring a lot of focus and emphasis as well as totally changing the look, feel and mood of a specific room. Don’t go too far though, creative lighting can come at the cost of brightness – and we do need a room to be bright on occasion so we can get a bit of use of it, not just, so it looks good!

Lighting isn’t enough – it’s only an icing on the cake type of improvement. It’s one you might not have thought about though, and it’s good to branch into these unexplored areas of home improvement though, so we can do new and exciting things in the home to make it our own!


However, we do need to think about the rooms – but if you want something unique, why not grab the sledgehammer? If your rooms are cramped and small and you think that beating down a wall would make things better in the home – it’s certainly an option to consider. You need to evaluate and find out if the wall you plan to knock through is actually holding the home up. Breaking a critical structure wall down might be a huge disaster and could lead to collapse.

Putting a wall down leads to open-plan living spaces which connect rooms. You might transform a small kitchen into a kitchen with a built in dining room by knocking down a wall between the two rooms. You might extend a lounge by knocking down a wall separating two rooms. It can add a lot of space to your house as long as it’s a sound decision. By transforming these rooms into ‘spaces’ you have more room to enact your plans, and these spaces do appeal a lot more to potential buyers if you’re looking at a sale in the near future. Just remember that it’s not just a case of beating down a wall – you need to ensure that it’s not a wall that is holding up the house – also, any pipes or cables within the wall will need to be professional re-positioned – but creating these spaces by putting a wall through can give you plenty of design options in the future!

Options? Yeah! A bigger kitchen will allow you to produce a more attractive and useful kitchen. A kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs space to be used well! People will pay a lot more for a home with a decent kitchen. Make sure it’s got the right facilities, and enough space for the facilities needed. You’ll want a fridge, a freezer, an oven – and room for more facilities. Make sure you be creative though, adding options like a bespoke sink – like a deep farmhouse style, can add your own touch on this type of room. Adding new work-surfaces, wooden or stone are preferred over tacky covered styles. Adding new fittings and fixtures, bringing in some natural light will also help a kitchen look great!

A bathroom is a huge space for improvement in the home as well. Whether it’s just a room with a toilet, or a fully equipped washroom, there is a lot that you can do with the bathroom to make your house stand out.

Design choices like tiles can make your bathroom pretty luxurious, but it comes at a big cost. It’s worth it though – when tiling is done well, it looks fantastic. It takes a bit of time, and if you can have a fully tiled bathroom – walls & floors, it’ll be well worth it.


Bathrooms aren’t just about looks though – they need functionality. See if you can improve every function in your bathroom along with the style choices. You’ll need a toilet – one with a pull chain will be a fancy choice, and a bathtub. If you’ve not got the room, you’ll have to opt for a shower cubicle – but ensure you have a walled glass unit rather than one with a tacky curtain. If you’ve already got a shower, see if you need a power shower. A vibrant and designed sink bowl will also be a standout piece – so go for one that suits your design ideas. Of course, you could also add a towel rail to add a bit more of a function to your bathroom and improve the storage capabilities of the bathroom. These improvements will massively improve your home!

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