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Conserving Space In Your Home: What To Do About Your Conservatory

In the mid-nineties, conservatories were big business. Any home worth its salt had one of these babies on the back of it. The point wasn’t what you did with your conservatory, but the fact that you had one. It could become an oasis of calm or a playroom for your kids; it didn’t matter.
Now, a relatively short while later, conservatories are obsolete. They’re an unwanted addition onto otherwise beautiful homes. For the most part, they’re empty and unloved. In extreme cases, they become junk rooms. Most conservatory owners would prefer the space went to better use.

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But, all may not be lost for the conservatories of the world. Before you condemn yours to demolition, consider how you could better use that space. Instead of seeing it as an outdated throwback, start seeing your conservatory as an extra room. You wouldn’t let bricks and mortar go to waste, would you? Well then, you shouldn’t do the same to your glassy haven. That’s why we’re going to look at the top two things to consider when making your conservatory useful again.

What can you use it for?

Before you can make progress, you need to consider what you could use your conservatory for. You could opt for obvious options, such as a dining room or a home gym. Both of these are traditional conservatory past times, but they do come with the risk of leaving the space obsolete again. How many of us use that home gym equipment as much as we should? And, would you eat in that dining room on a regular basis? These are both things to consider. Remember that the whole point of this upgrade is to get proper use of the space!

Instead, it might be worth considering more innovative ideas. Turning the space into a home office, for example, is a sure way to bring it into the modern day. Or, you could choose to extend your kitchen. With both of these options, you can be sure the area will gain regular use.

Don’t forget decoration

Once you know the use you’re going for, you can think about decoration. Let’s be honest; many of us haven’t decorated our conservatories since the nineties, and it shows. Beige colors and unflattering floor tiles are all the rage. Change it up to give the space a new lease of life.

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First, consider the practical stuff. Conservatories have two significant downsides – they’re hot, and they’re exposed. You could deal with both of these issues by installing plantation shutters. These will provide privacy, and help to stop the sun beating down. It may even be worth installing some sort of blind to the roof, as this is where most of the heat comes from.

Practical stuff aside, you can have a little fun. Upgrade the floor with some new tiles of your choice. Paint the walls a more attractive colour than beige. If you’re after some inspiration, there’s plenty to find online. Get some ideas, then get to work!

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