Turn Your Terrace Into an Urban Oasis

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Living in cities means that we are usually pretty restricted on the amount of outdoor space we have in our homes. Small balconies and terraces can be all we have to enjoy the great outdoors when living in the centre of a hustling, bustling metropolis. Therefore it is essential that we make the most of the space that we have. So here are our top tips on how to turn your city terrace into an urban oasis.

Start From the Bottom

So first things first you are going to want to work from the floor of your terrace and work your way up. The floors in our terraces can often by dusty, dirty hard and, in turn, not very inviting. So why not consider changing the floor of your terrace to something much more homely or stylish.

Decking is always a great idea to turn terraces into a more sophisticated and chic outdoor space. Alternatively you could think about laying down some astro turf grass and turn your terrace into a little urban oasis. Astro grass is a city terraces best friend, as not only does it bring a little countryside freshness into your city pad, as it is made of plastic it is hard wearing and does not get damaged from the harsh city environment, meaning minimal upkeep and maintenance on your part. If astroturf is sounding right up your alley, check out a company like, www.astrodeck.com.au, who specialise in turfing all manner of outdoor spaces, big and small.


The furniture on your terrace is really important to make sure that you are making the most of the space you have available to you. If your terrace is really small you may want to consider oversized cushions, poufs and beanbags as a seating option, as you can pick and choose how you display them depending on how many people you have on your terrace at any one time.

Larger terraces that can accommodate tables and chairs, sun loungers and lounging sofas have a great opportunity to create a real outdoor haven. So you should be really thinking about how you can make the most of the outdoor space that you have and the best way to arrange your outdoor furniture so that your terrace looks welcoming, organised and super chic.

Cover The Unsightly

You will want to find ways to cover the unsightliness around your terrace. If there are any ugly walls in your terrace that you share with another neighbour, why not paint it a high gloss white to turns ugly walls into attractive feature walls. BBQ sets and other outdoor items can benefit from being kept covered and out of sight, not just to keep your terrace looking neat and tidy, but also to protect this equipment from the outdoor elements.

Plants & Greenery

Any outdoor, city oasis is going to need plants, and the more the merrier so look here for some city plant inspiration, www.balconygardenweb.com. Think about the types of plants and greenery that you would really love to add to your terrace to have it looking wonderfully fresh, lush and natural and then work on building up your plants, flowers and greenery over time.

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