How to Create a Beautiful Bali Inspired Bolthole

The tranquil Indonesian island of Bali is a paradisiacal place of peace, beauty and retreat. Why not bring some of its tropical beauty into your home with a Balinese inspired home? Influences from China and India are widespread in Bali. This is due to the early settlement of the Chinese and spiritual inspiration of the latter.


Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ because it embraces various customs and spiritual beliefs. This has resulted in a culture that is mystical, serene and relaxed. Just the kind of things we want our bedroom to be. Woodcarving and sculpture are a big part of Balinese life, as are handcrafts and art. Add beautiful pieces of mahogany and bamboo furniture in the bedroom for a distinctive Balinese feel. Think rich dark browns and crisp white linens and cotton when working out your colour scheme. Take inspiration from the exotic. Keep it clutter-free. Add a luxurious wooden ceiling fan for a tropical feel. Source intricately carved furniture in teak or grass. Accessorise with pretty orchids and sweet grass mats. Wear batik Bali slippers and light candles with a Balinese scent.

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Add beautiful plants to your garden to channel a tropical sanctuary. Andong is a native plant to Bali that is easy to grow and produces pretty colours. Include bamboo, jasmine and ferns for an exotic feel. Source imported outdoor furniture such as Balinese huts and bamboo screens. These will create a magical spa-like paradise. An open-air room will conjure up that holiday feeling. Add a delicate water feature. Source a statement fire pit for somewhere to enjoy outside dining. Install wooden decking and pebbled floors for a Balinese feel. Choose Asian-inspired statues and oversized lanterns. Hunt for antique bird-cages and plant lots of green foliage to mimic the verdant island. Throw plump, bright coloured pillows on a carved wooden day bed. Put in solar lighting so you can enjoy evenings in your garden too. Burn citronella to remind you of vacation. Make this outside space an exotic haven and a place for contemplation. And if you want some balmy, summer party evenings in your new space, here’s some tips on how to make your home party ready.


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Think about the bathrooms you have seen on your holidays to Bali. They are oversized, plush and harmonious. It’s time to bring some of those halcyon feelings back into your house. If you are doing a remodel, install a powerful overhead shower for the ultimate in luxury. Source an oversized sink or if you have space, consider double sinks. Add wooden blinds to the windows for a total Balinese feel. Keep to dark mahogany and teak again. Scatter rose petals and frangipani in a beautiful glass bowl for stylish hotel style. Create an Asian spa-like feel to your room. Think dreamy, Zen-like and soothing. Display wooden accessories such as a soap holder and little pots for cotton pads and buds. Source a carved wood mirror and place grass mats on the floor. Keep slippers on hand for your guests. Add plush white towels and robes for the ultimate in Balinese health resort style.



Your Balinese inspired bolthole should be serene, green and stylish. It should be inspired by nature, beauty and a tropical landscape. Now you just need to take up meditation.

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