How to Create a Stunning Outdoor Sanctuary

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During the spring and summer, our gardens are our own personal sanctuaries to while away the hours and unwind. As the days get longer and we start to spend more and more time outdoors, we’re going to want that beautiful backyard to zone out and entertain in. Read on to find out expert tips and tricks to help you create that perfect outdoor haven.

Invest In Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is perfect for some al fresco dining or sitting back in the sun with a book. If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside and entertainment guests through summer, then it’s worth every penny. For smaller gardens, a garden bench against the wall will prove more practical than a whole table setup with an umbrella and chairs. You’ll also want to make sure that your outdoor furniture has the durability to stand the elements. Materials like wicker, rattan and metal are great options to choose from.

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Inject Personality With Bold Decor

Give your garden its own unique touch by injecting some creativity through DIY and playing with colour schemes and texture. You could try hanging candles jars to create a tranquil ambience, or adding patterned cushions to your decking. Hanging baskets are another great idea to add some colour and vibrancy. If you’re looking to redesign your garden completely then you could even add a water feature, or dig out some space for a pond.

Make Space for Summer

To really make the most of your garden this summer, you’re going to want to utilise your outdoor space as best as you can. Maybe there’s a tree that’s getting in the way, or needed cutting down ages ago. Then you might want to consult a specialist company to remove it professionally and safely. A clever trick to try when utilising your back garden space is to mount an outdoor mirror and create reflections to trick the eye.

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Illuminate Your Lawn

To properly enjoy your garden in the evenings then you’ll have to decide on the type of lighting you want. What ambience are you trying to achieve? If you’re looking to create a romantic or relaxed atmosphere then fairy lights and lanterns are ideal. Or maybe you want to light up your decking area with standard light sensors and wall spot lights. It’s also worth considering what type of lamp. You can choose from LED lights, or solar powered lighting.

Know Your Plants

Choosing the right plants and flowers for you all depends on what kind of garden you want to maintain. If you want a low maintenance outdoor space then go for evergreen plants or slow growing shrubs that don’t need much looking after. A top tip is to keep plants in containers so that you can remove them conveniently when they’re not in bloom. Likewise window boxes and hanging plants are more convenient than maintaining a more hands on flower bed.


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