Revamp Your Back Yard in 3 Simple Steps

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Our backyards can often look a little forlorn and a little sorry for themselves. For many of us, our backyards tend to be the last part of our homes that we invest time in doing up and looking after. It can feel like a heady chore to take on tackling overgrown and shabby backyards, but with our simple tips you can easily revamp your backyard so that it’s a space you can truly enjoy.  

Weeding & Planting

First things first, any overgrown garden is going to need some good old fashioned elbow grease before you can start anything else. Weeding can be a time consuming job but once it’s done you will instantly be able to get more of an idea of what you can do with your outdoor space. Don’t jump head first into your weeding however, you must take care that you are only pulling up weeds and that you are not getting rid of any dead plants that can be bought back to life. Jump online to for tips on how to tackle getting rid of weeds in your garden.

Once you have got rid of all your weeds and you can see all the soil available to you in your back garden you will then want to start thinking about the types of plants you want to grow in your yard. You will want to put research into the types of plants that would work best for the size of your yard and based on the amount of sun you get in your back garden. Yards that receive a lot of sunlight are perfect for growing vegetable gardens. Yards that are more shaded are much more well suited to certain varieties of plants and flowers, so look into what would work best in the outdoor space that you have.


Old and ugly concrete slabs and overgrown grass are both ways that we can let our back yards get the better of us. Not putting any effort into the flooring of our back gardens is one of the easiest ways we can neglect this space and lose the opportunity to enjoy it as a relaxing and comforting space. Therefore old, cracked and tired looking concrete slabs can be easily pulled up and replaced by neat and attractive decking.

Decking is one of the best flooring solutions for any back yard as it is easy to maintain, will instantly improve the overall aesthetic of any garden and is affordable to install. Look for a local company in your area, like Wilson – Hardwood & Decking Specialist who will be able to come and look at your space and give you some ideas on what hardwood or decking options would work for your back garden.


Outdoor furniture will work as the finishing touch to bring all your hard work together. There is no point putting all the hard work into revamping your backyard if you haven’t got anywhere to sit and enjoy it. Therefore look around for comfortable, attractive and hard wearing garden furniture that will really bring your backyard to life and ensure it is a space that you can enjoy spending time in.

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