How To Design Your Office Like A Girl Boss


Being a girl boss is awesome, and the world needs more women who are in charge, ready and able to conquer any challenge and tackle any goal with strength and positivity! It’s the 21st century and the world has finally started to recognise the power of a feminine touch both inside and outside of the office.

And speaking of offices, if you want to be a true leader and the master of your own life and its future, you need to surround yourself with the things that will help you achieve your goals. And it all starts with your office, your lair, your Batcave. Here are the best ways to design your office like a true #girlboss!

File and organize

First of all, you want to de-clutter your life, and especially your office. After all, this is the one place where you will make magic happen, welcome your clients, sign deals and make business partnerships of a lifetime, so you need the place neatly organised.

This isn’t amazing just for aesthetic purposes, it’s also amazing for your productivity and standing with the clients. You see, a successful career starts with a clean working environment, so make sure you rid your office of all non-essentials, and then put back a few of your fave ornaments as a personal touch.

Secondly, folders and binders – you absolutely need them. Not only will you give out a professional vibe with all of your work neatly packed and stacked, but you will also have a clear vision of where everything is, and thus, boost your productivity tenfold.

Gadgets, gadgets everywhere

Technology is everywhere, and just because the world is still predominantly running on paper, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be innovative and bend the norm – after all, that’s what being a girl boss is all about. While it’s good to have hard copies of some of your most important documents such as contracts, you should make technology your best friend and rely on the integration of various gadgets to be your guiding star.

So, make your laptop the focal point of your entire office, have your smartphone ready to rock and roll if you need to step outside and carry your work with you, and also put a TV screen somewhere in there so you can give presentations easily.

Desks and chairs

You need a place to work, arrange all your trinkets and gadgets, AND put your and your guests’ respective behinds, don’t you? One of the most important aspects of every office, no matter if you’re working in a commercial space or from home, is the table.

Your productivity and focus depend on the quality of your workstation. Luckily, there is an enormous demand for modern office desks so you should have no problem finding a piece that works best for your needs.

Hint: you need an adjustable standing desk; it will save your lower back, and allow you to work while standing, which is infinitely healthier for your posture and general wellbeing.

Next, you want to get a cool chair. For the best chair on the market, you want to inquire with your gamer friends because their favourite hobby requires them to have the most comfortable chair available. As for the guest chairs, you want to go with something that complements the décor of the entire room. Forget what anyone might think, this is your domain.

The finer details

In case you were wondering about the colour patterns, one base and one accentuating colour is the answer. One hue has to complement the other, so use your primary colour for the walls and the accentuating colour for the beams, picture frames, trinkets and gadgets, flower vases, chair outlines, etc.

Don’t be afraid to imbue your office with natural elements, in fact, go all out. Nature in the form of flowers and potted plants will calm you down, allow your eyes to rest, and they will portray a warm and welcoming environment to the outside world.


Being a girl boss is, as mentioned earlier, extremely awesome. You want to take advantage of the perks the modern society brings, take the patriarchal stereotypes by the danglers, and show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. Start your journey with this guide and turn your office into a powerhouse of productivity and success!

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  1. This is flipping awesome!!!!! GREAT POST!!!!! I haven’t worked in an office in such a long time, but my room becomes my office even if I am not working……. I like to treat my blog as work, but FUN work, because its not a business, but my dream is to create it into one….. if you did a blog on how to do that, that would be FLIPPING awesome!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend you and give you a mention on my blog!!!!! <3

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