Wood You Believe It? All Natural Touches For An Elegant Home

There are many contemporary ideas and styles that you could choose from to create your perfect home design. Many are practical and functional as well as looking beautiful. For some of us, the ideas that work the best are the ones that are most simple, elegant and natural. But how easy is it to find the design basics you need to style your home this way?

It can all begin with lighting solutions. If you’re planning a renovation soon, why not consider light wells, and paned doors? Glass is a natural product that allows light to pass through beautifully. You can choose stained glass or leaded designs through the pane to better suit your tastes. Choosing wooden frames for your window offers you a beautiful and natural alternative to steel or PVC. It’s easier to paint and can sometimes be carved to provide a unique and stylish look to your windows.

There are many natural materials that make wonderful flooring surfaces. Cork has recently been used to make incredible flooring surfaces that are unique in their appearance. Of course, the most traditional and elegant of all floors is made from timber flooring that can be sourced responsibly. There are many different species of tree that provide the timber for the wood too. This means you have an almost endless choice of colour and grain. These can be stained, natural, or even painted to provide the look you want.

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Slate and clay-based ceramics can be used for the floor or for the walls. Slate, in particular, has a unique texture and this, in turn, offers a beautiful appearance too. The main difference between the ceramic tile and a slate one is the play of light upon the surface. Ceramics are often high gloss, and can be coloured naturally too. Intricate designs can be inlaid to create the exact look you want. Slate feels and looks more raw and natural-state. It tends to be much darker in colour too.

Your furniture can also be built from natural materials. Wood is a firm favourite here, offering a solid structure and elegant grain design. Wood can easily be shaped and manipulated as well. Cabinet makers are highly skilled and charge well for their bespoke designs. But when you see a beautiful cabinet, sideboard, or coffee table in your home, you’ll know it was worth the expense! Many wooden furniture pieces are finished in a protective resin or gloss to reduce the risk of insect infestation and fading from light. This is particularly true of pianos that are traditionally case in wood.

More and more interior designs are utilising wood. Venetian blinds and light shades can be produced in elegant wood. So can shutters, shelves, and picture frames. Don’t forget that your soft furnishings can be produced from natural materials too. Wool carpets and rugs are very popular. And silk is naturally sourced too, although many dyes for silk are not.

There is a distinct beauty and elegance in natural materials. There is also a wide choice in their application for your home decor. Enjoy your natural home.

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