Design Tips For An Easy Clean Bathroom

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is the one that needs most attention when it comes to cleaning. A dirty bathroom can be harmful to your health and it’s just downright disgusting. But I’m guessing cleaning your bathroom is right at the bottom of the list of things you want to do this weekend? You can get around that by specifically designing a bathroom that is quick and easy to clean so you get the best of both worlds, you’ll have a sparkling bathroom without all of the effort. Next time you’re planning a bathroom redesign, why not try out some of these things?

Bigger Tiles

The grout in between tiles is a magnet for grime and mould. You’ll either be scrubbing it constantly to keep it looking nice, or give up on it and let it get gross. Neither is a great solution really. But you can reduce the amount of grime that’s building up if you just reduce the amount of grout. The easiest way to do that is to use bigger tiles in your bathroom. You’ll also have the added bonus of making it easier to tile the walls because you’ve got fewer tiles and it won’t be anywhere near as fiddly.

Shower Screen

That shower curtain you’ve got in your bathroom right now is hanging there, soaking up all of the moisture in the room and starting to go mouldy. It won’t be long before it gets really disgusting and you’ll have to keep taking it down and washing it, even then it won’t be that nice. It’s much better to get a professional glass shower screen. Instead of trying to battle all of that damp on a shower curtain, you simply wipe it clean and it’s good as new. It’s worth remembering though,  the frames around the screen can also attract grime and mould so go for one with quite a thin frame that is mainly glass.

Extractor Fan

All of the steam that hangs in the air after you’ve showered is what causes all of the grime to build up around the bathroom because everything gets so damp. The best way to keep your bathroom clean is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Leaving the door open after you’ve showered will help a bit but you really need to get a powerful extractor fan that sucks all of that moisture out before it has time to settle.

Back To Wall Toilets

The worst part of the bathroom to clean is that annoying space just behind the toilet that is basically impossible to get to. You can spend hours on your hands and knees trying to reach around there but it’ll still be covered in dust and grime. If you put a wall faced toilet in, that presses right against the wall and eliminates that space, the toilet will be so much quicker to clean.


Follow these simple design tips and you can cut your bathroom cleaning time in half and just enjoy it instead.


Images From Pixabay

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