What to Look for When Shopping for Douglas or Puffy Mattress Online

They say sleep is one of the best forms of natural therapy and meditation. Nevertheless, sleep isn’t that sweet for most people. This is essential because their sleep is usually characterised by irregular movements and insufficient sleep. This is as a result of going for a bed and bedding that fail to meet your body standards. To experience a better quality of sleep, some factors should be considered.

These include a good pillow if you are used to it. Stomach sleepers will sleep best on thinner pillows while the side and back sleepers could use a firmer compressed pillow for extra support. The sheets used should alternatively allow for breathing and cooling all night long. Sheets that retain heat end up causing too much sweating which makes sleep a nightmare for the cool sleepers.

The mattress type and materials incorporated is another major factor to look out for, if you are generally perturbed due to sleepless nights. Brands of mattresses have continually popped up day in day out. It has thus become hard to identify the ‘go-for’ mattress due to a variety of choice. Nevertheless, quality brands like Douglas and Puffy still dominate the market and ‘make the loudest noise’ due to the state of the art technology used in their construction.

What to Look Out for

There are a number of factors to be put into consideration even when going for the top-quality brands:

Preferred Positions

Most people have that one best sleeping position that falls in their ‘favourites’ category. This might be the position they find themselves in just before zoning out or the one they end up in when they open their eyes at dawn.

Generally, sleepers are categorised into 3 broad groups: the side sleepers, the stomach and the back sleepers.

The side sleepers usually share characteristics with the back sleepers. Nevertheless, these particular lots are best recommended to go for soft beds which will contour perfectly with their body shapes. This ensures no one body part is heavily exerted thus allowing for equal body relaxation.

The back and stomach sleepers require a firmer surface and thus a medium-level firm bed or a totally firm one will come in as the perfect pick.

Specifics on Materials Used

Others would generally go for an all-foam mattress as is the case with Puffy mattresses. Others would opt for innerspring or the smooth feel brought about by latex.

A Douglas review shows their mattress brand is a spectacular choice for people with allergies. This is because the mattress is hypoallergic and hence, void of any chemicals or toxins that could cause respiratory issues.

Overall Weight

If you generally ascribe yourself to the ‘heavyweight’ set of people, then these two brands might not be the best for you.

A Puffy mattress review shows its applicability to all kinds of sleepers. That notwithstanding, it is important to note that heavy people generally need more support and would thus derive more enjoyment from firmer mattresses. Furthermore, Douglas mattress shows a low level of edge support. If this is a crucial factor to you, look another way.

The Making

The mattresses here have medium-level firmness and usually consist of 3 layers. The layers are made in such a manner that they gracefully provide back support, lumbar support and spine alignment. Moreover, they also allow for free air flow leaving the mattress cool all night long. This goes for the cool sleepers. In addition to all that, responsive levels are at medium levels and thus, form a smooth soft and still firm option for a number of buyers.

Getting yourself the right mattress involves a number of issues as seen above. I would recommend going for a bed that best suits your sleeping position. This will fully assure you of a worthy experience in the long run – especially if you head for the recommended brands. They might be relatively expensive, but won’t it be a pity if you come to find out for yourself how expensive cheap is ultimately?


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