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Global  phenomenon  Dîner  en  Blanc  returns  to  Melbourne,  where  1,500  diners   will  descend  upon  a  secret  location  on  Saturday  27  February  2016.

Launched  by  François  Pasquier  and  a  handful  of  friends  in  1988,  the  Paris  Dîner  en  Blanc  now  attracts   more  than  10,000  people  each  year  around  the  world.     What  began  as  a  “friends  and  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  only”  event  has  grown  into  an  international  epicurean   phenomenon  on  five  continents.  While  the  technology  behind  the  event  may  have  changed  over  the   years,  the  principles  fuelling  this  fantastic  event  have  not:  diners  continue  to  gather  at  a  secret  location   for  the  sole  purpose of sharing a high-quality meal with good friends in the city’s most beautiful locations.

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The  annual  affair,  for  the  second  year  running,  promises  an  unforgettable  evening  of  elegance,  fashion   and  dining.  The  event  is  held  at  a  secret  location,  the  precise  site  being  revealed  only  hours  before  the   event  commences.  1,500  foodies  and  cultural  enthusiasts  are  expected  to  attend  this  year,  all  donning   the  instructed  dress  code  of  head-­‐to-­‐toe  white.

This  enchanting  is equal  parts  culinary  feast,  pop-­‐up  event  and  visual   spectacle.

Melbourne’s  first  Dîner  en  Blanc  had  over  8000  people  register  for  the  event,  including  celebrities  and   notable  foodies  willing  to  go  on  a  waiting  list  to  secure  a  seat  at  the  dinner  table.  Organisers  forecast  the   2016  registration  numbers  will  double,  and  therefore,  have  increased  the  amount  of  tickets  made   available  this  year.

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The  event  is  distinct  in  that  guests  must  dress  elegantly  in  white  and  bring  their  own  table  settings,   silverware  and  white  linen  napkins.       True  to  its  Parisian  legacy  and  traditions,  the  feast  begins  with  a  visually  breathtaking  napkin  waving,   and  a  collective  lighting  of  sparklers  signifies  the  time  to  mingle  and  dance.  When  the  trumpet  sounds  at   the  end  of  the  evening,  guests  pack  up  their  sophisticated  silverware,  elaborate  centrepieces,  chairs  and   tables  leaving  behind  no  signs  of  their  revelry.

In  essence,  Dîner  en  Blanc  promotes  friendship,  elegance  and  gallantry.  Mikaela  Smith-­‐Chandler,  co-­‐ organiser  of  the  Dîner  en  Blanc  Melbourne  says,  “Last  year  Melburnians  embraced  the  philosophy  of  the   event  whole  heartedly.

Melbourne  locals  love  to  seek  out  unique  experiences,  which  is  why  we  have   experienced  such  an  overwhelming  welcome  of  Dîner  en  Blanc.  Being  in  the  cultural  capital  of  Australia,   we  are  passionate  about  food,  wine,  fashion  and  all  things  stylish.“

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In  2016,  Dîner  en  Blanc  will  take  place  in  over  20  cities  around  the  world.  Those  in  joining  the  ballot  for   the  2016  event  must  register  via  Registrations  are  open   now.

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