Don’t Have The Energy? Here’s How To Get It Back Into Your Home


Energy bills are a nightmare, and they are only getting worse. The prices are rising, and that means less excess cash for you and the family. And, it isn’t like you can look to the warm weather for help. Nope, just because the summer is on its way doesn’t mean anything is going to get any better anytime soon. If you want things to change from an energy perspective, you need to take action.

Here are the ways you can make your house more eco-friendly this summer.

Upgrade Boiler

Almost every house has a central heating system that pumps heat around the home. The problem with a lot of boilers is that they are old and not very efficient. Some even lose heat when they aren’t active, which is a bad sign. Although it is quite expensive, it might be time to replace the boiler. There are a few tricks you can use to make it more efficient, like cover it with tin foil. But, these are only cosmetic upgrades that won’t last long. A brand spanking new boiler will last for years and transform your energy woes.

Fill In Gaps

One reason you pay so much for energy is that your home leaks heat. Yep, as soon as the boiler churns it out, the cold air from the gaps sucks it back out again. Apart from leaving you in a constant state of coldness, it also costs a fortune to keep producing heat. So, if there are any gaps, they need filling as soon as possible. Start with the roof because you need a need a reliable roof to stop heat dissipating, and most aren’t trustworthy. Then, focus on the doors and windows because they are the second and third biggest culprits.

Insulate Cavities

Cavities are different from gaps, and here’s why. Gaps are holes which open up the property to the outside. Cavities are barriers that act as a barricade between the inside and the outside. Unfortunately, the air in cavities can start to seep into the main house and lower the temperature. Thankfully, there is a solution: insulation. The right insulation will turn a cavity into a vacuum so that there is no cold air to worry about. Where are the main ones? They are usually in the attic, basement, and in between the walls.

Light The Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fire, you should take advantage of it. People with log burners aren’t always proactive because lighting a fire isn’t easy. Sorry, let’s rephrase that: it isn’t as easy as flicking a switch. However, it’s a lot cheaper. Fires, of course, use wood as fuel. Although it isn’t dirt cheap, wood isn’t as expensive as fossil fuels. Plus, it will heat the house just enough so as not to overheat in the summer. Yep, a fire is an inexpensive regulator waiting for you to exploit it! If you’re struggling for fuel, don’t be scared to go the timber yard and ask for scraps.

Say goodbye to your extortionate bills because they are about to become a thing of the past.

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