Don’t Lose Out When Selling Your Home


Don’t underestimate the task of selling your home. When you put your house on the market, you are competing with thousands of other sellers. That’s a pretty big crowd! You need to ensure that your house is actually going to be seen and approved of by those who are looking to buy a new home. You need to make sure that your property stands out from the crowd.

A lot of people will tell you that complete refurbishment is the key to ensuring your house stands out from all the others. They’ll say you need to install a new bathroom and kitchen, all the while ignoring other rooms such as your living area. Creating a modern living space is the best way to ensure that you get a quick sale, but it doesn’t require you to completely remodel your facilities!

If you and your family need to sell your home, then it’s vital you make sure your home is actually ready for people to come and view it! A lot of families make mistakes in this area. Thankfully, the best ways of ensuring that your home is ready for a viewing, as well as being a strong candidate for a sale, are pretty simple.

We’re going to take a look both at the things you need to do to ensure you home is ready for sale and the things you need to keep in mind throughout the process, especially in relation to other homes that are on the market. (Also known as your competition!)


When people view your home, they will scrutinise every aspect of your house. People look for anything that they don’t like about a house so that they can cross it off their list. When buyers have twenty different properties to view, they need to find ways to discriminate against some. If your living area looks ‘lived in,’ that is a massive drawback. People want a living room that they can decorate in a style that suits their tastes. If you offer them a contemporary living space, they have room to do whatever they want with it. Making sure you declutter the place is essential, and we’ll going into more detail regarding why in just a second.

The deep clean

In addition to decluttering, you also need to make sure the house is given the deepest clean you’ve ever given it. The carpets shouldn’t just be vacuumed thoroughly; they need to be washed, too. Scuff marks that accumulate on walls need to be removed; if this requires repainting, then so be it. Just make sure the home gets plenty of fresh air so that new paint smell isn’t overwhelming when it’s show time! Air purification is an important part of this process, too.

The power of potential

The reason that cleaning and decluttering is so useful in this field is because people want to be able to project their fantasies of their future life onto the home that they’re viewing. To put it another way, your home should be as close to a blank canvas as possible. If prospective buyers enter a home for sale and find that there’s furniture everywhere, photos of the current owner scattered around the place, et cetera, then they’ll find it harder to imagine themselves in the near future living in this place. This decreases the odds of a sale. This is why it’s essential you work with cheap movers to have as many inessential items relocated as possible. You can move bulky furniture items to temporary storage or to your new home while the sale process is ongoing; this makes it much more likely that the sale will be successful.

Simplicity in modern design

The best thing about modern interior design is that it favours simplicity and minimalism. That means that your home will look larger than it is. When families are looking for houses, they tend to look for spacious properties. If your home looks massive, it will draw a lot of attention from young couples. If people want to start a family, they need a place with room. Get rid of any furniture that you no longer need. Keep things minimal and clean so that the room is almost empty. It might sound a little extreme, but it will make a massive difference to the way people see your house.


Competing with new builds

When you put your home on the market, you are competing with a whole host of sellers. Some of the sellers you are competing with will be development companies offering brand new buildings. If your home has any chance of competing with these brand new properties, you need to make sure that it is stylish and new. You need to make sure that your home can compete with buildings of this standard. If it can’t, you have no chance of selling your home.

Modern living areas fetch high property values

It will cost you a fair bit of money to renovate your living area, but you will not lose out. If you spend some time modernising your living room, your home will fetch a much higher price than it otherwise would. Even when you factor in the time it will take you to redecorate your living room, you will still make that time back in money when you sell up. Let’s say that it will cost you an extra $1500 to decorate your living area. Once you have made some vital changes to the room, you can ask for around an extra $10,000. That is almost ten times as much as you will have to pay upfront. There are exceptions to this rule, so make sure you research values thoroughly.

Contemporary design is easy to master

If you are afraid of interior design, and think that you can’t do it, don’t worry. Modern design is super simple to learn, and you needn’t worry about getting too technical with it. When you use modern design techniques, all you need to do is keep things simple. That means using plain decor ideas and combining them with large statement pieces. It is as simple as that. Read some online guides to help you along the way so that you can master the fine art of design!


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