Always in Chaos? Here’s how to Get out

When you think “organisation skills”, the notion is almost always associated with work and that column in your CV that boasts some of your greatest qualities. But more often than not, even those individuals who know how to apply this mindset in an isolated environments, somehow fail to implement the same principles in their entire life.

It can be quite a challenge, but the rewards greatly outnumber the difficulties, and although it might take time, it’s more than possible to master the art of getting your life out of the perpetual state of chaos by forming several healthy habits.

1.     Change your perception

Thanks to “drama queens” and of course, the almost omnipresent social inclination to create chaos out of every situation, we seem to naturally perceive chaos as a state of “being alive”. As if an organised life with no dramatic turns of events cannot count as a life, because we need some form of an extreme to feel “bursting with energy”.

A bungee jump or a roller coaster ride shouldn’t be abolished for the sake of your newly-found Zen, but you need to change your mindset as to how you define chaos and peace. Chaos isn’t synonymous with adventure and excitement, it isn’t a norm, and you should define and eradicate chaotic thinking and behavioural patterns by preventing them and discovering your triggers.

2.     Discover the weak link

No matter how health-focused certain places are, such as our beloved Land of Oz and our Viking friends in the far north, chaos can find a way to thrive anywhere and in anyone. When are you most likely to start yelling, create a conflict, cause a scene? Have you noticed the “rush” of those moments, when your heart starts pounding and your adrenaline is through the roof?

When you allow chaos in your life, subconsciously, your body enjoys the excitement, and you seek out opportunities that will bring you chaos. Analyse your life – if there’s a problem that would normally grind your gears, the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, equip yourself with calming strategies that will help you avoid drama.

3.     Empower peace

As soon as you become able to recognise the moment, you can use simple techniques to put your mind and your body at ease. Learn how to control your breath, meditate on a daily basis, and find your positive thought oasis.

Summon all of your strength, and as you overcome potential crises, it will become easier to take the reins back. Even when chaos is at bay, practising these calm-inducing strategies will help you prevent more chaos in your life, and tame the most challenging moments without hesitation.

4.     Take charge

Many chaos-addicts seem to be in control and perform most of their daily tasks with ease, but their inner turmoil is what tends to be their greatest problem. In order to stop using many of your responsibilities as distractions, and to make time to calm your mind, you should let go of some of your chores and let someone help you.

Hire a nanny to take care of the kids, your significant other can make lunch for a couple of days, and there must be a reliable tax accountant you can consult to take care of your finances. Devote this free time to think about your state of mind, and make a note of the thoughts that help you stay out of your typical chaotic vicious cycle.

5.     Detox your life

As harsh as it may seem, even with a balanced diet and a perfect workout routine, the people in your life are the ones most likely to promote a toxic mindset. Take a close look at your relationships, and try to spend time with people who inspire you to enjoy life without the drama effect.

And even when you do find yourself in a conflict waiting to happen, observe and tame your reaction, and you won’t slip back into overreacting. When you improve your basic communication skills and learn to listen without resorting to emotional outbursts, you’ll bring order back into your relationships and become a stronger, better individual.

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