The “Dream Home” Additions For Ultimate Luxury

Our homes can be one of the biggest financial decisions we ever make. From that first decision with our hard earned savings through to many house moves later when you end up in your forever home. It’s always exciting, never a dull moment, and certainly a proud time in your life. But, there is always that dream home we can day dream about isn’t there? The one where if we won the lottery we would love into almost instantly. Would it be close to the beach or the water? Will it have several bedrooms to accommodate your entire family? Will it be in the area you live now, something different or even overseas? We all have that “dream home,” but what additions would you add to it? I thought it would be nice to think about that for a moment on a dull grey day, here are some of the additions I think would add ultimate luxury.

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If it’s near the water, then you would surely have a boat

Sometimes thinking about the dream home you may often consider the location, would there be a water’s edge or would you be near the sea? Water has this element of calm surrounding it, and certainly having a home with it’s own jetty would be the ultimate of luxury would it not? It would have to be there to house the boat you have, of course. This would be when you would be considering the master skills of places like to create the perfect dock for your home.

If you would be entertaining, then you have to have the right location

Maybe your dream home will be an entertaining space. Where you plan to spend your weekends and evenings having wonderful and friends over for good food and even better wine and champagne. Then, of course, having a home that accommodates its own bar would be the dream, right? With lounging sofas and chairs and beautiful marble details and bar area there simply wouldn’t be a better entertaining space. Never having to leave the comforts of your home is also a plus point.

Relaxation more your thing, how about a swimming pool and pool house

Maybe you enjoy the finer things in life and love to relax on those long sultry days, then I suppose the only option would be to have your very own swimming pool and pool house added to your acreage. Lounging by the pool is something we all daydream about when it comes to our vacations, so having this option straight from your patio would be the ideal addition to your dream home. Other ways to relax at home can be found on websites like  

Queen sized bed? No surely not, the biggest you could get

Sleep is one of those things I think we could all do with more of, so wouldn’t it be nice to spend those hours of slumber in the biggest bed you could find. Having the space in your dream home to accommodate a huge bed could be your idea of heaven?

Or maybe you would be wealthy enough for your home to have its own staff waiting on you hand and foot.

If only it weren’t your dream home, but you never know, one day it could all be yours.


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