5 Reasons You Should Have A Glass Of Wine Tonight!

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With so many alcohol options available, it can be hard to decide what tipple to choose at the end of the day. A glass of wine is perfect for finishing off the day, especially when drank with dinner, or enjoyed in front of the television. It can be hard to find a fantastic wine that you love. Checking out the different wines available is good. You should check where the wine is from, and the strength, before making your choice. If you are not usually a fan of wine, here are some reasons why you should have a glass of wine tonight.

Helps lengthen your life

Research has found that drinking wine can actually help extend your life. As discussed here, there are benefits to drinking wine as both white and red have an effect on preventing heart disease. Apparently, wine carries antioxidants and polyphenols which have a positive effect on our health. A new Czech study found that drinking wine moderately, and exercising regularly can help prevent heart disease.

Red wine especially has been found to include the most antioxidants and polyphenols. Wine brands such as Erlot and Syrah are meant to have high levels of these. It’s worth noting that researchers are saying that they notice the difference in men and women over 40. And you should still only be drinking 1-2 units a day. More consumption will lead to problems with your body, especially ruining your liver.

Lowers risk of diabetes and strokes

Drinking a glass of vino is not only good for your heart, but research has found it is useful for lowering the risk of diabetes and strokes. According to scientists, the makeup of the wine can help your pancreas, helping people to avoid diabetes when they get older. Also drinking a glass of wine can help thin your blood and prevent clotting, meaning you are less likely to have a stroke when you are older.

Makes your dinner more delicious

Drinking a glass of wine with your meal can make it even more tasty, and can bring out the flavour in your dish. When choosing the correct wine for your dinner, go on sites such as http://www.wine.net/what-wine-goes-with-pork/. They can help you select the best wine for your dish. Many people take a bottle of wine along with them for dinner, because it can be an excellent accompaniment, and is a nice gesture.

Red wine is great for a pasta dish, or a roast dinner while a white wine is known for drinking with a lighter chicken dish or with a salad. A rose is mostly left for drinking on a night out, and the same can be said for a glass of champagne. Prosecco has now joined the dining experience and is enjoyed with a pasta dish. A wine has also been known to help prevent against food poisoning when enjoyed with your meal. This site explains drinking wine with your meal can kill the bacteria in the food which could lead to food poisoning.

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Celebrities love it.

Wine has some very famous fans who can’t but help drink a tipple. Actress Elizabeth Banks loves a glass of Sancerre and orders it whenever she goes out. Some celebrity couples even own a winery or vineyard and can’t get enough of delicious wine. Actress Angelina Jolie and Actor Brad Pitt own a winery in Provence and have released several wines to the public. Meanwhile, football legend David and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham got into wine while living in Spain. He even bought her, her own winery for her 34th birthday. Actress Drew Barrymore also has created several wines, including Carmel Road Pinot Grigio.

Drinking wine is now very fashionable

Having a glass of tipple with the girls is a hugely popular trend. Buying a bottle and sharing it can be easier and cheaper than having to purchase a lot of different alcoholic beverages. ‘Wine o’ clock’ was even was added to the Oxford Dictionary, due to being part of the online culture. The word began trending and gained popularity on Instagram as a hashtag, and is now used regularly in spoken speech. Drinking a glass of wine is also popular when leaving work on a Friday night. Some women find it to look more sophisticated than a beer or cider, and can also be used to impress potential clients during a work lunch.

Remember to drink responsibly if you are thinking of drinking wine tonight.

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