Your Dream Wedding On A Budget – It Can Be Done

If you are the type of girl that doesn’t want to compromise on style in your wedding, even though you’ve got a small budget, then I salute you. I’m  here to tell you that your dream wedding can come true, even if the purse strings are a little tight. So read on for some tips on how you can have a beautiful wedding on a shoestring.

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Wedding dress

It’s the big one, the dress of your dreams and you don’t want to have to settle. Modern women can spend upwards of $2000+ on a wedding dress without batting an eyelid. But do you have to spend this much? Absolutely not. It is possible to get a gorgeous dress for under $500, and I’m not talking about jumping on eBay and getting one from China. Just as a quick word of warning, a friend of mine did that. She received a got a hideous reproduction of the dress she wanted, complete with stains! I guess you get what you pay for! Anyway, your options include going to a sale, discount store or using a vintage dress. Whichever option you go for, remember to put some money aside for accessories and to have the dress professionally cleaned for the big day.

Meal and drinks

Next, you can make a significant saving on the food and drink you give to your guests on the day. Contrary to popular opinion, you guests won’t riot if they do not get the traditional dry chicken breast and mixed veg. In fact, they are often delighted by non-traditional options such as food trucks, bangers and mash or a hog roast.

About alcohol, try to find a venue that allows you to bring your own. They will charge you a corkage fee for each bottle of drink. But it can still be significantly cheaper to pay this than allow them to provide your beverages.

Flowers for the ceremony

Another way you can save on your dream is on the flowers for the service. Fresh flower arrangements can cost a fortune if done by a professional. How about livening up the venue with false flowers and greenery like this silk palm tree instead?  The benefit of this is they will still look gorgeous if it rains on your outdoor wedding. Also you and the guests can take them home without fear of them dying off in a few days.

Gifts for loved ones

Another way to stop your dream day spending getting out of hand is to make the thank you gifts for the mothers, bridesmaids, and best man. You can personalise wine or beer glasses with your own message, which is a beautiful keepsake for them. If you were feeling particularly arty, you could even make your own necklaces for the bridesmaids and mothers as a special memory of the day.

Bridesmaids dresses

Finally, if you have lots of bridesmaids, saving some money on their dresses can add up. Instead of getting them from a traditional bridal store, why not try an online retailer? Many offer the very attractive 50’s style dress that looks fantastic with a net petticoat underneath for as little as $30. Make sure you ask for everyone sizes before you order, it best not to guess as the opportunity to cause offense is too high!


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