Dressing Like An Icon: Sienna Miller’s Style Under The Microscope


A lot of famous women get props for dressing well. Blake Lively is a prime example because everything she wears, she kills. But, Miss Lively has a particular style which is hard to replicate. Thankfully, other icons aren’t as awkward! Step up to the plate Miss Sienna Miller. Since the early 2000s, Sienna has been a staple of lad’s mags and fashion weeklies with her unparalleled beauty and style. How has she been and how does she continue to be so consistent? Take a look at the following to find out more.

The Signature

Yes, some women are just as comfortable in a ball gown as a playsuit. Any of the leading ladies in 2017 can pull it off, but they still have a style. 

 Sienna Miller is famous for spreading the word of the boho chic craze which was a mixture of bohemian and hipster. With embroidered tunics, cropped jackets and sheepskin boots, she made it her own. Of course, having the then world’s most famous supermodel Kate Moss on her side helped the cause. Still, if there is one thing to take from the mid-2000s, it’s how the trend was synonymous with her.

We love Sienna’s red carpet jumpsuit looks and here are our gorgeous jumpsuit picks:

From left: Pizzuto Alana PantsuitVesper Sweetheart Plunge JumpsuitRiver Island Culotte Jumpsuit In PrintASOS Wrap Front Jumpsuit with Twist Back and Self Tie and Miss Holly Roya Pantsuit.

Step one: find your own signature style.

The Classics

Like every woman, Miss Miller has her go-to items. The playsuit has already got a mention, so let’s move onto a few others. Although it’s a classic with other women, a stylish dress is a constant throughout her style career. Whether at award shows or popping out for lunch, the paparazzi has snapped her in cropped, figure-hugging dresses. 

From Left: Lioness Spring Fling Dress, Talulah Objective Flare Mini Dress, Atmos&Here Noel Wrap Dress, Oasis Wild At Heart Bardot Dress and Stevie May Coddington Long Sleeve Mini Dress.

Step two: figure out what you statement pieces are and make them the foundation of your style.

The Accessories

The right accessories can make or break an outfit, and Sienna knows how to get results. In her early days, it wouldn’t be rare to see her donning large faux-coin belts. As part of her bohemian stage, the big straps acted as a perfect focal point to supplement her entire outfit. Nowadays, photographers snap her wearing thick gold necklaces along with pendants and rings. Oh, and she’s never without a handbag, especially one with a strap. Our girl is nothing if not practical as well as stylish.

From left: Najo Duplicity EarringBy Charlotte Midnight Bloom Necklace, Samantha Wills Sweetest Spell Petite EarringsSancia Madelena Mini Bag and Ted Baker London Kieraa bag.

Step Three: Understand accessories. Wearing them is the first step, but you have to know how to mix and match.

The Evolution

It is easy to pin her to a particular style, as we did in the first paragraph. But, Miller fans know she isn’t a hipster Londoner any longer. Nowadays, you just as easily catch her in a maxi dress or a pencil skirt than cowboy boots and baggy cardigans. The reason is simple: everyone evolves with age. As she has gotten older, her style has changed and become more eclectic. Don’t be disappointed because this is true of every icon in the fashion world.

Step four: don’t be scared to try new things. A signature style is fantastic, but you need to flesh it out with more variety.

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