Easy Hacks To Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

When you try to heat your home during a cold snap, it can end up costing a lot. The amount we pay to heat our home can end up being a lot of our monthly budget. Especially if you’re not careful about it. There are plenty of simple changes that you can make, as well as some larger options, of course. They can help to keep your home warm and make it more energy efficient. So what are you waiting for? Why not give these a go next time you are faced with a freezing cold snap of weather?


Use Curtains

First of all, if you don’t have any curtains, then it could be worth getting some. Just having blinds doesn’t help at all to warm or insulate a room. You can use curtains to help keep your room warm. At night, tucking your curtains behind a radiator helps to keep the room more insulated. It keeps the heat in and keeps everything nice and warm. In the daytime, you can use the heat from the sun to warm the room. So open your curtains nice and wide. It might be cold outside, but if the sun is shining, it can warm your home through the glass.

Move Furniture

According to the Neeeco’s Mass Save program, one other small thing that you could do is to move some of your furniture around. If you have a sofa in front of a radiator, then it can affect how well the room is heated. The sofa will absorb and block a lot of the heat. So it is a good idea to move furniture like that, especially during the colder months. You can move it back when it is all warm and sunny again!

Change Your Conservatory Roof

If you have got a conservatory, then it makes sense to change the roof on it. If you just have a conservatory that is all glass and windows, then it means during cold months that the room is freezing cold. Don’t get me wrong; it means that it is like a greenhouse in summer as the sun through the glass makes it nice and warm. But in winter it will be like an igloo and no one will want to spend time in there. But if you have a proper roof on the conservatory, it means it can be used all year round as it will be more insulated. You could look somewhere like Guardian Warm Roof, for example, to see the styles available and the kind of cost that you’d be looking at.

Check Your Insulation

Like heat can be lost through the roof of a conservatory, it can also be lost through a regular roof if it is not insulated properly. So if you haven’t had your loft space insulated or it needs a bit of an upgrade, then that is something to look into right away. The same goes for the walls in your home. Cavity wall insulation is a great way to keep the home warm. When the home retains heat for longer, it means using the heating system less.

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