How To Improve Your Outside Space

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There isn’t a better time to start thinking about your garden than the start of a new year. Giving your garden a new lease of life is a completely different process to redecorating your home.
Your home you can do room by room and in dribs and drabs, but your garden requires more
energy and won’t look right until you’ve made all the changes you want to make. Planning is
key, which is why we have come up with a list of inventive ways to help you spruce up your
outside area.
You may have noticed that the idea of minimalism was a huge hit in 2016, and not just in home
improvements but right the way across the board in terms of design. Houses used to be full of
clutter, but these days interior design follows the rule of less is more; why should our gardens
be in different. Simplicity allows your eyes for detail to stand out, and it will do so in a clean and professional way. Now that is classy.
When it comes to lighting, be creative. Lighting can change the way people see a garden almost
completely, which means clever lighting can improve a garden no-end. You can use spotlights
or tealights or roman candles or anything you could possibly want. However, choice can be
tricky, so why not copy what the professionals are doing, like Amonson outdoor lighting.

Water features can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you and your garden. It could be that you decide to install a water feature that sprinkles a little style and sophistication to your view, whilst a pond will see your garden buzz with life, encouraging all sorts of wildlife to add to the ambiance as your potter around, or feed the fish. And, besides, what garden is not complimented by a gorgeous water-influenced centrepiece. Think peace and tranquility.
We’re talking flowers. This is your chance to give your garden some serious colour and
vibrancy. Flowers come in sorts of colours and sizes and heights, and planting them around
your outside space will encourage a gorgeous and striking contrast to the mass of green that
was there before.
What’s better than sitting outside with your friends, on your fantastic new decking or patio, with a glass of wine in hand and the smell of barbecue food wafting through the air as you admire your upgraded space; you bright flowers and mowed lawn. Specifically transforming a quiet corner into a decked wonderland is also a sure-fire way to be seen as the hostess with the mostess.
We’re not talking grass and hedges; we’re talking environmentally friendly. This could be
something tint to start with, such as creating a compost heap at the far corner, or it could be a
commitment to a much bigger idea, like creating your very own eco-space. Maybe there is
space for you to grow your own fruit and vegetables somewhere. Or perhaps you want to see
birds and bees enjoy what you have to offer. Whatever it is, there are ways to join the green

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