Easy ways to destress and declutter your life

Modern day life is pretty hectic and sometimes it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with it all. While activities like yoga, meditation and exercise are some of the most effective way to deal with stress – have you ever thought about the impact your home is having on you?

It’s well proven that a cluttered environment adds to stress. Visually it’s unappealing and imparts of a feeling of chaos and disorganisation; that’s enough to stress anyone out! It also creates added pressure as things are harder to find and rummaging around looking for things is stressful and chews up precious time. So let’s take a look at some easy and effective ways to declutter your place to restore order and calm.

Create more space

If you simply have too much ‘stuff’ and not enough storage; you might need to outsource the problem and take a look at companies providing self storage. You can choose how much space you hire and whether you rent on a temporary or permanent basis. You can access your stored items seven days a week and have complete peace of mind that your items are safe thanks to 24 hour security and optional contents insurance.

Donate or swap unwanted items

It’s generally a good idea to go through your things once a year and figure out what you no longer need. If you haven’t used something in over a year, it might be time to give it a new home and kindly donate to charity or organise a ‘swap meet’ with friends and family. There are also a bunch of online buy, swap, sell pages now, where people can advertise what they’re offering and what they’re looking for. By donating your things, you’re not only helping to declutter your place, but helping people in need.

declutter office shelving

Go vertical

Wall shelves and tall bookcases are quick and easy ways to create more storage space and get your ‘stuff’ organised. There are also heaps of clever ‘over the door’ products that give you extra room for shoes and clothes.

Storage furniture

When buying new furniture, see if there are pieces that have storage built-in. For example, many sofas and beds now come with large in-built drawers that significantly increase your storage options. Under-bed storage is a no-brainer – it turns a highly underutilised, dust-gathering area into precious and functional storage space.

Storage containers

If your budget doesn’t allow for a new ‘storage’ bed; then simply buy yourself some plastic under-bed storage containers on wheels. There is now such an awesome range of small, movable storage products, you’ll be able to custom-design your own storage solutions quickly and cheaply.

If you’re quickly running out of storage at your place and can’t afford to upgrade to a bigger property, don’t stress. There are so many ways to improve storage within your home as well as outside it. All of these options will help you to create a more organised and functional living space that also looks more appealing and creates a sense of order and calm.

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