How to Pick the Right E-Liquid for You?

Vaping can be described as the process of inhaling a vapor created by an e-cigarette or other similar battery-powered devices. The liquid is heated until it gets converted into a vapor which is inhaled by the person using the e-cigarette. Once you invest in an e-cigarette, you will still have to replenish your e-liquids to continue vaping. There are plenty of different e-liquids for e-cigarettes available in the market today. If you want to have the finest vaping experience, you must choose the vape juice flavors your vape tank. Here are a few tips to help you make your choice:

  • Flavors

The flavor of the e-liquid plays a huge role in the vapor you will be inhaling, It is essential to pick out a flavor that you identify with, otherwise, the e-liquid bottle will probably remain unused in some corner of your home. E-liquids come in a wide range of flavors including fruity, cocktails, food, tobacco blends and so on. Most new users try to match their flavor with their favorite cigarette brands. Once they start getting used to vaping, they tend to get a bit more adventurous and try out different flavors. You will need to try out different flavors to find out which one suits you best. Since mixing and blending of different flavors are possible, you have a million possible options available.

  • Nicotine

After you have narrowed down your choice for flavor for your preferred e-liquid, you need to determine the nicotine strength. Manufacturers of e-liquids offer nicotine strengths in different levels ranging from 6mg and below for light smokers to 36 mg for heavy chain smokers. Experts at Red Vape suggest starting out with a medium nicotine strength and working your way back or forth till you reach the perfect blend.  It is essential to perfect the nicotine strength that works for you if you really wish to enjoy your vaping sessions. 

  • Trial & Error

With so many variations possible, the only way to find out the right blend is to go ahead with the trial and error method. This testing method will actually give you a first-hand experience of each flavor and nicotine strength level, allowing you to find the perfect blend in no time. It is interesting to note that the same flavors from different brands might also have a different taste, making this process slightly more challenging. It is a good idea to stick to popular brands that offer quality e-liquids to narrow down your favorite blends.

  • PG & VG

The main base solution of an e-liquid is either PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerol) or sometimes a combination of both. While PG offers you more flavor, it produces only a weak vapor. VG is comparatively more viscous and thereby results in massive vapor clouds that have a slightly sweet taste which might sometimes mute the flavor that you have picked out. Studies have shown that a combination of PG and VG in a ratio of 40:60 is ideal for creating a decent amount of vapor.  It does not affect the flavor you have picked out.

If you struggle to decide as to which flavor to pick, the tester packs offered by most companies can come in handy. These come in different flavors in smaller flavors, allowing you to experiment with the different flavors before picking one out. With a bit of experimentation, you will find your blend and enjoy vaping.

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