Easy Ways To Transform Your Outdoor Space Over Winter

Ahh, the great outdoors – a space of endless adventure and limitless possibility. But what if your personal great outdoors (you know the one, just beyond your back door) is less great and more… lacklustre? Here are five easy and inspiring ways to transform your outdoor area into a haven that can really let you make the most of your outdoor assets.

Deck it

Introducing wood to your outdoor area is not only warm and welcoming but hugely practical, regardless of whether you live in a two-storey or single-storey residence. Decks have a host of benefits, from reducing the dirt that gets tracked through the home to providing a truly welcoming space to entertain.

A covered deck or pergola can bring a whole new outdoor room to your home. Builders who specialise in timber sales and the design and construction of outdoor structures such as pergolas, decks, carports, privacy screens, gates, timber decks, balustrades and outdoor stairs.

Decking isn’t limited to just beyond the back door, either! Why not incorporate a raised feature deck area and even a gazebo as a focal point in the garden that gives entertaining its own destination?

Pave it

When you want the indoors to blend with the outside then paving is a great natural-looking alternative. Paved outdoor areas allow for great entertaining spaces without the requirement of laying a slab. For a garden feature, lay pavers with Mondo grass between them to create a softened natural beauty.

Tile it

If your outdoor area comprises a slab outside the back door, consider gentrifying the look with outdoor tiling. If the selected tiles compliment your interior and are coupled with sliding or bi-fold doors, it creates a seamless transition from indoors to outside.

Cover it

To really get the best use out of your outdoor space, a pergola or patio complete with slab, paving, decking, or tiling is the way to go. This adds a whole new outdoor room to the house, providing a welcome zone for entertaining or play.

Landscape it

Any outdoor area should be considered with the whole image of your house and garden in mind. The most successful zones are landscaped to appreciate the beauty beyond the immediate outdoor area. This means incorporating planting, garden features and landscaping so your entire backyard becomes an inviting oasis to enjoy from your outdoor area. You can also elevate your landscape design by incorporating outdoor lights. According to experts at Blingle in Maple Grove, “Outdoor lighting can highlight the beauty of your home’s architecture and create the perfect setting for your outdoor venue.

Love it

Just like the indoors, your outdoor area is an extension of your lifestyle. Once you’ve dabbled in some solid foundations and created your space, it’s a good opportunity to reflect this with furniture and even soft furnishings like cushions. To bring colour to your great outdoors, consider little additions like throw cushions, tablecloths, runners and even artwork. Complement the garden beyond with pot plants and greenery. Add a ceiling fan to alfresco areas to circulate air in summer and an outdoor heater to warm you up in winter.

Clockwise: Koa 3 Piece Set, Aria Drinks Trolley, Bampton Fire Pit and Hayman Indoor/Outdoor DC Ceiling Fan

Creating an inviting outdoor space adds a whole new element and additional living areas to your property, providing a welcome refuge in the summer heat, or a quiet space to lap up some rays in the cool of winter. Any way you choose to enjoy it, a carefully designed outdoor area adds not only lifestyle benefits but also potential value to your property.

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