What Are the Best Bedtime Stories for Kids?

Did you know you can remember things from as far back as when you were two and a half years old?

While some parents assume their kids won’t remember their childhood, many do. How you associate with your child today will shape how they behave in the future.

You’ve likely come across parenting books telling you to do the most outrageous things. But you don’t have to go overboard to give your kid a good childhood.

Something as simple as creating time to read bedtime stories for kids can do a lot. You get to spend time with your child and teach them valuable life lessons.

Of course, the latter depends on the bedtime stories you read. Read on for some top bedtime story options.

The Bedtime Guardians

This is one of the best bedtime stories because it’s fun and carries a valuable lesson. The story follows a group of teddy bears afraid of the dark who decide to face their fears.

Equipped with a flashlight, the teddy bears visit hospitals and bedrooms at night. They realize nothing is hiding in the shadows, so there’s no need to be afraid of the dark.

This is a must-have if your child is afraid of the dark. Reading them this story at bedtime will help them realize they don’t have to be frightened.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Any bedtime story guide will list this story as a top choice. Like our first book, it’s fun and has a lesson for your child.

It features Hamelin, a town infested with rats, and a stranger who offers to take care of the rat problem. The town promises to pay the stranger after getting rid of the mice, but it fails to do so.

As punishment, the stranger plays a tune, making the town’s children follow him. The town has to pay him twenty sacks of gold coins. This story teaches the importance of sticking to your word and not being greedy.

King Midas and His Golden Touch

This story features an unhappy king. He asks a holy man to grant him one wish – that everything he touches turns into gold.

When the holy man grants the wish, the king can’t eat or drink since everything he touches turns into gold. This frustrates him, but the last straw comes when he turns his daughter into gold.

He begs the holy man to take back his wish so he can have his daughter back. This story shows kids that greed always has negative repercussions.

Callista and the Puma

This bedtime story follows Callista, a young girl, and a puma. Callista’s father is a Spanish soldier who helps invade Argentina. Fearing for her safety, he instructs Callista not to leave the Spanish camp, but she does.

She meets a puma who’s just given birth and helps her take care of her cubs. When Callista returns to the camp, her father is so angry that he demands she get tied to a jungle tree.

People expect her to die but are shocked to find her alive a few days later. The puma she took care of also cared for her in the jungle. This story teaches that kindness always has a reward.

Leverage These Bedtime Stories for Kids to Grow Their Imagination

Getting the right bedtime stories for kids can be daunting. Luckily, this article has provided some of the best bedtime stories. Choose one today and impart wisdom to your child.

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