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You know those nights where you just can’t be bothered cooking or just want something different to eat? I must admit, like most working Mums, I get sick of cooking every night and it is a relief to have some take away every now and then.

When we were growing up in regional Victoria, there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to take away foods. You either had fish and chips, pizza or Chinese food. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that we finally got McDonalds and KFC. All of which, we had to drive into town to order and pick up.

Take away has had a bad rap lately (especially those listed above) for being unhealthy but did you know there is a world of healthy food (and not so healthy delicious cuisine) just waiting to be delivered to your home? Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is order the food online via Eat Now and voila! It is delivered to your front door.

A few nights ago, we ordered an Indian family value pack on Eat Now from our local Jai Ho Indian restaurant.  It was the first time we had ordered Indian online and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was delivered hot. The food itself was delicious and fresh. Plus the customer service was excellent. What more could you ask for?

Jai Ho food


I actually thought we would have problems with the boys eating it but they loved it and asked when we could have it again. 10 points to Mum!

Eat Now is incredibly simple to use. Just type in your postcode and select what type of cuisine you would like and hey presto! All of your local restaurants appear. Just order what you like and it is delivered to your door ASAP or a set time you have indicated on the site.

Would we use Eat Now again? Definitely! Eat Now gives us a wide selection of restaurants in our area (some we didn’t know of) delivered straight to our door. No dishes or cleaning up. No leaving the house and waiting around for food to be cooked. We can get on with doing family ‘stuff’ while the food is being cooked and delivered.


#SP This post was a sponsored post in conjunction with Eat Now in accordance to our Disclosure Policy.

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