Escape Autumnal Chill With a Beach Holiday

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Summer has come to a close and Autumn is settling in, as the leaves drop off trees across the nation. The landscape is changing from having bright blue skies, bright blooms of flowers and full, green trees to a mixture of orange, red and brown tones. Perhaps the most noticeable change? The general drop in temperature. After all, we’ve grown used to heading out without jackets and coats to feeling a chill as soon as we open a window or step out the door. Now, there are plenty of things to celebrate that come hand in hand with Autumn. But if you’re not quite ready to bid good day to the warmth and the sun’s bright rays, you can always squeeze in a beach holiday. Here’s everything you should consider to get you to sunnier shores as soon as possible.

Choosing Where to Go

As always, the world is your oyster. If you like, you could go for an all-out luxury trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii. But most people tend to be a little more savvy with their spending around this time of year. So you may want to keep things a little closer to home. A brilliant destination? Cancun in Mexico. South of the US border, this beautiful town on the Eastern Coast borders the Caribbean sea and has typical tropical climates around this time of year. Having missed the blare of full-on summer heat, the weather averages around 32 degrees, making it the perfect warm getaway. If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, just take the time to do your research. There are plenty of places that experience their highlights during the months of Autumn. You just have to find them.

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Okay, so, chances are that you’ve been away a little in the summer and may think that you have all of the essentials on hand. But it’s always best to double check and make sure that you are fully prepared before heading to the airport. First: clothes. You need to ensure that what you take is suitable for the anticipated climate you are heading to. Generally, a combination of swimwear, floaty dress, sandals, sunhats and a couple of evening dresses or outfits will do the job. Next, sun protection. You need to ensure that you take plenty of sunscreens, not just your leftovers from the summer. Check the expiry dates on everything before packing them away: lotions, oils, and sprays are all best used before their expiry. The same rule goes for any insect repellents and after sun lotions that you may have.

Essentials to Bear in Mind

Now you have the bulk of your items ready, you need to ensure you have definitely got your essentials involved in the mix. Your passport should be well to date, you should have applied for any VISAs that you may require in due course and have completed any courses of vaccines that have been recommended for your destination. Make sure that you also have complete insurance for the duration of your stay.

You’ll be basking in the sun again in no time. So get researching and decide a preferred destination as soon as possible. You will likely be able to get some last minute deals, making your Autumn getaway a bargain.

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