WSS Style: Modibodi Period Undies For Every Body. Special Offer!

Women’s bodies are amazing and fascinating things that go through so much, not just to keep us alive, but to even sustain a new life but these amazing bodies can have some drawbacks too. Like periods, bladder leakage, sweating and discharge.

Thankfully, we have Modibodi to help us with the leakage issues mentioned above.

Here are a list of reason why we love Modibodi and why you should too:

Environmentally Friendly

With more and more people becoming environmentally aware, it makes sense that we use reusable items and become more mindful of what we are putting into our rubbish bins and waste refuge.

Sanitary items, like pads, liners and tampons take more than 500 years to start decomposing. With Australia’s female population at over 12 million, who use an average of twelve pads per period, that adds up to a lot of environmental waste over our lifetime.

It is always better to use eco-friendly options like the menstrual cups or period underwear, like Modibodi, that are not just re-usable but also help in protecting the environment by not causing a landfill catastrophe in coming years.

Of course, panty liners are also a problem for the environment and Modibodi light to medium absorbency briefs are perfect for light to medium period days as well as light bladder leaks As well as protecting you from period leakage, Modibodi’s leak proof ranges also offer moisture wicking technology to protect you from sweat, mid cycle discharge and bladder leakage. Plus, the smart system prevents odour too.  Perfect for new mums ( any lady really) who have weak bladders and as we get older, our bladders become weaker, needing leakage protection. Thankfully, Modibodi is a lot more stylish, and comfortable, than the supermarket incontinence offerings.

Personally, I wear Modibodi underwear all the time (I’m a huge fan of the sensual hi-waist bikini), as they offer leaking protection on heavy period days (as a backup for tampons) and I can get away with wearing Modibodi alone on light days, however they do have a heavy absorbency that can be worn without additional protection. They are also great for exercise (and hot days!), as there is nothing worse than sweaty, wet spots on the crotch area of activewear (or regular clothing).

For everybody

As well as providing maximum leakage protection while looking stylish and comfortable, Modibodi supports and empowers women of all shapes and sizes. Sizing ranges from pre-teens through to women’s size 8-26 in some styles.

“Our mission at Modibodi is to empower all women and we believe no woman should be held back or feel ashamed because of their body or bodily functions.”

They look good

The best selling Classic and Sensual brief ranges look like regular fashionable underwear, not the Bridget Jones granny undies one would expect leakage proof underwear to look like. The sensual range has a gorgeous hand stitched  lace trim band across the top. The briefs are also very flattering on all body shapes.

Just don’t take our word for how good Modibodi briefs are. Try them for yourself!

We are offering our readers a special discount of 15% off storewide by using the code wss15 at check out on the Modibodi website. Excludes Gift Cards, Pre-Order and Bundle Packs. Offer ends 30th April.


#SP This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Modibodi, as per our Disclosure Policy.

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