Essential Ideas to Help Modernise Your Bathroom


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Making your bathroom look fresh and modern might seem like a big challenge. But it doesn’t need to be. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Replace the Outdated Suite

Old fashioned bathroom suites stand out badly. Firstly, if you have a bathroom suite that is a strange colour and it was installed decades ago, get rid of it as soon as possible. These kinds of suites haven’t been in fashion for a long time, and pretty much everyone now agrees they look terrible.

If you don’t have the cash to replace the whole suite, and it’s not an offensive colour, you could simply replace the tapware and fixtures. It’s often these things that age most rapidly. Having said that, replacing an old suite is usually the best option if you can afford to do that. Short projection toilets and power showers are getting better than ever before, so it could be worth upgrading. Another option is to get in a specialist bathroom resurfacer to paint over dated baths, sinks and showers. Nothing looks better than a fresh white glossy bathroom. 


Choose a Dynamic Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is one of the design considerations you should spend the most time thinking about. You could go for the simple, classic white design. This is the safe option and it guarantees that the room won’t look ridiculous or over the top. However, safe options can often feel a bit, well, safe.

If you want to go for something a little more imaginative, there are plenty of ideas to consider. One option that is very popular at the moment is a black and white colour scheme. You can go for checkered black and white tiles on the floor with a white bathroom suite. It’s pretty simple but more interesting than a plain white bathroom.


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Make the Small Changes

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest of differences in the bathroom. For example, take out your boring shower curtain and replace it with a contemporary, vibrant one. You’ll be surprised at how different it makes the room look. If you make a series of these changes, the difference will be huge.

You could also display your towels differently. This might sound like an insignificant thing, but stacking them up in a creative way always looks better than hanging them on the radiator! You could also add some candles and flowers around the room. Think about what you want and what will suit the room.


Try a New Vanity Cabinet

Vanity cabinets are an important part of the bathroom. It’s not just that they’re good for storing items in, they can also have a big influence on the overall impression the room gives. If yours is looking dull and tired, you have two options. You can replace it with a shiny new one or you could renovate the one you have.

It’s very easy to make an old, boring vanity cabinet look new again. For example, changing the top of it with a new slab of marble or granite can make all the difference. Then you can repaint the wooden doors and it’ll look like new. And if that fails, you can always go out and buy a new one by scouring Ebay or even hardware stores like Bunnings.

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