Essential Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that the weather is becoming fine and sunny, it is time to do those jobs that you have been putting off all Winter. Cobwebs and dirt quickly build up over time and Spring is the time to get your home sparkling and fresh.


Cobwebs can be hard to see during the day, so I usually de-cobweb the house at night while the ceiling lights clearly show where the cobwebs are, as they usually lurk around cornices and hang from the ceilings. There are two ways of removing cobwebs, either use a broom or use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Skirting boards

I have found the easiest way to clean skirting boards is to use a cleaning is use a microfiber textured cloth (I use Sabco microfibre cloths) with some cleaning spray (like sugar soap or a mutipurpose spray)  or magic erasers.


As per scuffs and marks on skirting boards, I also use sugar soap with a microfiber cloth and magic erasers on harder marks. You can also use a flat head mop to wipe down walls.


Of course, to maintain your flooring you need to look after it properly. Using a good quality vacuum cleaner, can filter out all dirt and debris from your flooring. Leaving the floor cleaner and better for your health.

Regular washing of hard surfaces can help with the longevity of the flooring, especially tiles. For easy and quick cleaning, I love the Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop.  You won’t need to take out a bucket and mop when you want to clean, the spray mop is always ready to use! Perfect for those quick clean ups or for a thorough clean.

I also clean the carpets with my Bissell Carpet Cleaner at least twice a year.


Window sills and frames can easily build up of dirt, cobwebs and insects. These can be easily removed using the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can also use the upholstery and dust attachments to vacuum drapes and blinds.


As well as cleaning the windows and window furnishings, you will need to vacuum under furniture especially under the bed. It is amazing how many dust bunnies accumulate under our beds! Also, wash your quilts, pillows and blankets to kill dust mite and bacteria. Wipe down all surfaces such as bedside tables with furniture polish.


Cleaning the oven should be a priority in your spring cleaning but don’t forget to clean your range hood filters (I put mine in the dishwasher, as the water can get much hotter in a dishwasher than water in a sink can). Wipe out your fridge and put a dishwasher cleaner through your dishwasher. The glass tray from your microwave can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (I usually put ours in once a month to give it a good clean but wipe the microwave out once a week). Don’t forget to wipe under appliances with a good quality cleaner to get rid of grime and germs.

Living Areas

Upholstery on sofas and chairs need vacuuming, as well as the floor and skirting boards beneath them. Don’t forget to vacuum your speakers on your sound system and TV, dust in speakers can hinder the performance of your appliances.

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