Everything You Need for Easter 2021

With Easter a week away, it is time to think about everything you will need for next weekend. I love decorating the house for special occasions and Easter is probably the most fun holiday to decorate for.  From the dining room table to the backyard for the egg hunt, there are plenty of Easter decorating ideas that are both easy and stylish.

Here are all the Easter-themed decor, eggs, centrepieces, flowers and bunny decorations to add to your home we have found this year at our local shopping centre:

Bed, Bath and Table has to have THE most beautiful and extensive range of Easter decor I have seen by far. From gorgeous plates and cake stands to bunnies and chickens, there is bound to be something you will love for their Easter collection (which is 50% off at the moment!).

They even have the tree branch thingies (like my description?) you can put hanging eggs on. I’m not sure when the stick with hanging things on them became a part of Easter but they seem to have made an appearance in stores and on social media (particularly Pinterest) over the last few years.

Does anyone know where these came from or how it started? Are the bare branches supposed to signify Autumn? It does look pretty, I’m just not sold on using bare branches with eggs hanging from it haha. You can see how I decorated our table on our Instagram feed.

Anyway, on that note, here are nine decor items from Bed, Bath and Table I would definitely add to our Easter decorating:

The above pieces are available in store or online.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Kmart, Target and Big W had some cute pieces in their decor items and they had a wide range of eggs and fun Easter activity items for kids and cute Easter PJs for the whole family.

But bunny PJ’s aren’t just for Easter right? The King of PJ’s, Peter Alexander, has the cutest bunny PJ’s, onesies, slippers and accessories I have seen anywhere. There is also a very Bugs Bunny range

PA is also having a 50% off selected items sale, so get onto that too.

We are loving:

I’ve actually bought a pair of the Cadbury bunny PJs. So cute! I can’t wait for the weather to cool so I can wear it. Also, just a quick tip, if you like the look of a PA sleep tee but don’t like wearing nighties (like me), buy it in a small size and wear it with pj pants. The longer length top covers your back while you sleep too 😉

Happy Easter!

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