Excellent Ways to Make Your Home More Eccentric


Sometimes you look at your home and everything feels a bit too safe. It could look beautiful, like something out of a magazine. But it’s not interesting enough. If you’re an eccentric and multi-faceted person, your home should reflect who you are. Don’t just follow along with the trends and do what everyone else is doing. You should bring your personality and your love for all things different into your home. You have lots of options for how you can do that. It doesn’t matter if you have a penchant for Indian fabrics, or you can’t resist anything with a penguin on it.


Stay Away from Chain Stores

There’s no doubt that you can pick up some beautiful pieces in your nearest large home store. But even if you love it, it’s not as special if thousands of other people have it in their homes. Those items are following all the current trends, which you may not want to do. If you want to find unique pieces, you should look in other places. There are so many other stores to shop in, as well as market stalls. If you look online, you’ll find places like Ian Snow. There’s a wide range of interesting things to buy. Why not pop into a local independent shop. Or you could visit your nearest marketplace to pick up something you can’t buy at Argos.

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Choose Room Themes

Assign a theme to each room to make your home interesting without everything clashing. One room might be monochrome, while another is inspired by France. And another one could emulate Victorian decor. That way, you don’t have to pick one direction to go in. But you won’t have lots of different ideas all battling for attention in the same room. It can help to give you a purpose for each room so that you’re not randomly selecting things to go in your home. Everything will look more coherent from room to room, but you don’t have to limit yourself.


Make Your Own Things

There’s nothing more unique than something you’ve made yourself. Whether you recycle something or make an item from scratch, no one else will have the same. There are lots of fantastic ways to recycle materials. You can use anything from wooden pallets to old drawers. If you have something that’s in good condition, you can often just paint it to turn it into storage, seating or a table. If you’re crafty, you could display things that you make around the house, from pottery to knitted creations.


Collect Things on Your Travels

It’s fun to take inspiration from other countries, but it’s even better when you’ve been there yourself. Or even just to another part of your home country. Displaying personal objects that you’ve collected helps to show your experiences in your home decor. You can use other things from your life, whether it’s family photos or old letters.


If you’re an eccentric person, making your home more eclectic shouldn’t be difficult. Just go with your instinct and do what you like.

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