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How to Make Vintage Work in Your Home

vintage style kitchen

Do you love the vintage look and wish you could make it work in your home? You can make any look work if you’re determined enough. Even if your home is a new build, you can make vintage work for you. Here are some tips to help you along:

Look on Sites Like Pinterest to Help You

It can be difficult to know where to start when you want to change the look of your home and include a vintage influence. At times like this, it calls for Pinterest! Looking on Pinterest will give you a ton of inspiration, and you’ll be able to mix and match different bits to create the ideal look in your home. Make a note of things you’d like to change as you go along to make it easier when you go shopping for stuff. Make a Pinterest board of your favourite looks too so you can look back on them if you need to.

Shop in Vintage/Antique Stores

It goes without saying you should shop in vintage/antique stores if you’re trying to make vintage work in your home. Here you should be able to find some really unique things that nobody else has – not to mention you’ll be able to tell people that your decor is really ‘vintage’! Just be sure you shop with reputable retailers so you know the items you’re buying are legit. Find out more by doing lots of research!

Mix Modern and Vintage

It’s a good idea to mix modern items in with your vintage style to add a twist and keep things fresh. After all, you don’t actually want to make people feel like they’ve gone back in time when they enter your home. You don’t want your home to look like a 60s/70s throwback. You still want it to remain looking modern, except with character and vintage flair. Otherwise, it might look like the set of a film. Just like people who wear vintage shouldn’t go the whole hog, because it’ll look like a costume. You need to be smart about the ratio of the items you use.



Make Unusual Items Work for Different Purposes

I love it when people use unusual items and repurpose them. For example, using an old fruit crate as a cool coffee table! There are lots of things you can do to make your home look unique and carry that “old world” feel all the way through.

Show off Your Personality

Make sure you still show off your personality with the decor of your home. Include things just because you like them and use your imagination. This is your home and you want it to reflect that in your decor!

Fake it

If you love the vintage look but prefer new things, you can always buy vintage inspired pieces to add to your home. Below we have a collection of our favourite vintage inspired decor, homewares and the stunning Smeg mixer (we also love the kettle, toaster and blender in the range).

vintage decor

Clockwise: Smeg stand mixer, Private Collection Contessa Queen Bed Sheet SetLSA International Flower Texture Posy VaseL’aureole Canvas PrintWaterford Crystal Waterford Lismore Diamond Bedside Clock, Royal Albert Polka Blue 3-Piece Tea & Cake Set, Uttermost Norlina Wall Mirror (Set of 2)Whitehill Heart Shaped Box With Crystals and Zanui Maja Light Grey 2 Seater Sofa.

I hope you love these ideas and that when you start decorating you find it really easy to get that vintage feel you’ve been hoping for. If you’ve found any tips that work for you that aren’t in this guide, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading, and have fun decorating!

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