3 of Fiji’s Best Kept Secrets


Fiji is a popular tourist destination for scores of aspiring beachgoers around the world. It has been for many, many years, and no doubt the beautiful turquoise waters, idyllic white sandy beaches, and warm hospitable people will continue to attract more tourists to this stunning archipelago for decades to come still. But remember: Fiji is comprised of 322 islands, and most tourists venture only to a relatively small number of them.

This means that there are still tons of secret locations found throughout the archipelago that see little-to-no tourists at all. If you’re after a more private, almost reclusive break from the stresses of everyday life, here are three of Fiji’s best kept secrets that you should visit on your next holiday abroad.

Vanua Levu Island

Although the second biggest island in the Fijian archipelago, Vanua Levu sees relatively few tourists when compared to other parts of this beautiful island nation. A British colonial outpost in former times, these days its best known for its laidback atmosphere, smiling locals and stunning natural surroundings. Guests on the island can take a trip to Natewa Bay and go dolphin watching, snorkeling, or diving. Alternatively, they can soak up the sun on the seemingly unending stretches of beach that hug the island.

Viwa Island

Situated in the beautiful Yasawas, 48 nautical miles northwest of Denarau, Viwa Island is a seldom visited slice of paradise that’s sure to give you the privacy and well-deserved relaxation you need on your next holiday. The island is surrounded by a colourful coral reef teeming with colourful fish to match, and is relatively untouched compared to the more touristy hotspots found on the Coral Coast. Guests on the island can spend their days exploring the underwater world by snorkel or scuba mask, go fishing, take part in a number of different water sports, or feast on scrumptious fresh seafood. The beaches here are white and clean, the people friendly, and the atmosphere almost coma inducing!

Taveuni Island

Perched to the northeast of Viti Levu, Taveuni Island is an off-the-beaten-track post in the Fijian archipelago that can be best described as “sleepy.” There are no nightclubs, bars, or shops on the island; hence, there are no crowds. Rugged green hills covered in tropical flowers dominate the landscape here, with the occasional waterfall thrown in for good measure. Guests on the island can go hiking, visit waterfalls, or spend a couple of hours making friends with the abundant marine life found in the waters off its shores.

So there you have it: three off-the-beaten-track destinations that you can explore and uncover! Are you heading to this tropical paradise in the near future? For help planning your trip and recommendations on where to stay, get in touch with a travel agency that specialises in the area, such as My Holiday Centre . You’re bound to get the most out of your trip if you speak with the experts.

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