Finding the Perfect Outfit for a Wedding

Don’t panic! Finding the perfect outfit when you’ve been invited to a wedding isn’t as hard as it seems. Yes, there’s plenty of choice out there (too much choice, one might say). The good news is, when you like a few different options, it’s easy to narrow it down. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re attending a wedding.


Never Wear White

The first rule of thumb for every wedding is to never wear white. White or Ivory is usually reserved for the bride and the last thing you want to do is turn up in a dress that’s the same colour as the bride. She won’t forgive you for it. So, if you have any outfits in mind that include a lot of white, you can scratch them off your list.

Where and When

The time of year and venue will tell you a lot about what you should wear. If it’s a winter occasion, you’ll need to wrap up warm. Consider adding a crop jacket to your outfit so you don’t freeze during the photograph segment. If it’s Summer and you’re heading to the beach, a light summer dress will be ideal. However, don’t try and wear heels on the beach. You’ll be better off wearing flats while you’re on the sand and switching to heels later. You can find great deals with a famous footwear coupon code.

Is the Couple Religious?

If the couple whose wedding you’re attending are religious, you may have to bear it in mind when choosing your outfit. For example, Catholic churches prefer their guests to not show too much leg or cleavage. If you want to wear any outfit that shows a bit of cleavage, you may have to wear a cover-up while you’re in the church. You may be asked to wear specific clothing to an Indian wedding. If you’re unsure of any dress codes, it’s best to check beforehand.


Even if the couple play it down as a casual occasion, you don’t want to be the only one at the wedding who has turned up in denim jeans and flip flops. A wedding is an occasion to remember so it’s best to play it safe. Make an effort and go for an outfit people wouldn’t normally see you wearing. Get your hair done, throw on some jewellery and a bit of lipstick never goes a-miss either.


Think About Accessories

You can’t take the bag you always wear to work with you and a simple bobby pin isn’t going to do it. When it comes to a wedding outfit, you may want to consider a fastener or hairband for your hair. You can also try some diamante embellishments, like slides. You’ll also need a place for your phone, keys and money. A clutch bag is ideal for this occasion and you can pick up some lovely designs to match your outfit. The great thing about a clutch is it can be used again to pair with a different outfit for another event.


Happy shopping!


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