The Home Of Tomorrow Says Hello

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We mean that literally. If you love saying hello to Siri each morning and checking what the weather is going to be like, you’re going to adore modern homes. Developers are already working to design homewares that are able to interact with homeowners. You can expect your front door to greet you as you come in from work, your fridge to remind you to buy milk and your house to ask whether you’d like the heating turned down.

You might have noticed that this means that the home won’t just be responding automatically. It could very well be thinking and making calculated decisions on how to make you happy. These greetings are just one of the incredible advances in homes you can expect in just a few years. What other changes to the home are going to be introduced into the future?

Automation For The Nation

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Right now automotive technology is quite expensive and difficult to get your hands on. Even basic pieces of automated tech such as automatic vacuums are difficult to find and afford. In fact there might be easier ways to keep your home clean as discussed by us on However, that is going to change. Automated tech is getting more affordable and increasingly common.

In the future, it’s possible that your entire home could be automated. There will be little robots cleaning the floors, a smart control system choosing how hot to heat the house and a security system that will alert you of dangers. You can read about these features on sites such as We think you’ll be amazed by how far tech has advanced in the last few years and it’s not stopping anytime soon. With new affordable features already on the market, you can start upgrading your home right now!

Going Minimal

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In science fiction movies, you might have noticed that future homes are always shown as being clean and clear. There isn’t excess furniture around the property or lots of accessories lying around each room. Instead, it’s all very neat, minimal and simplistic. We’re starting to see this already with the minimalistic design being embraced by decorators.

Any furniture can be folded away or removed completely to create clear, open spaces.

Home Cinema Systems Everywhere

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There are two ways home entertainment systems can go now. Either, they can get bigger or they can be VR. At the minute the market is moving forward in both directions so it could go either way. Economically, VR is more affordable but difficult to sell for families. Big screen costs are dropping but not fast enough and they are still a little too intrusive. Until screens are as thin as paper, you shouldn’t expect wall screens in every home.

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However, for those willing to pay the price, these screens are available. For anywhere above thirty thousand, you can get a 100 inch plasma set for your home. In five or so years, these might be affordable for everyone.

As you can see then the future home is going to look and feel quite different. But for the most part it’s just going to make things easier and more exciting for homeowners. With these advances already on the horizon, who knows what the unforeseen future holds for the modern home?

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