Five Ways to Style the Colour Green

As Emerald Green is revealed as Etsy’s colour for 2022, Stuart Clark, Interior expert for shares his top tips for styling green within your home.
Combine your colours

Green is a versatile colour to use within your interior, as it combines well with a multitude of other colours. Pair with white or cream for a chicer look within your bathroom or kitchen and to enhance its calming properties. Or match with a pop of the colour yellow, to create brightness and warmth to any room of the house.

Experiment with shades and products

From forest green and emerald to pastel green and mint, there is a variety of shades of green to suit your taste. If you’re concerned a green feature wall is too daring, you can achieve a similar focal point by purchasing some green furniture or by hanging a collage of green art onto the walls. Introducing other soft furnishings such as cushions or throws are also a good way to introduce the colour, as they can easily be changed if your taste alters.

Bring the outdoors inside

Bringing plants into your home not only creates an outdoor environment indoors but also provides many health benefits by reducing the number of toxins in the air and balancing indoor humidity levels. You can start by introducing small and easy to look after plants such as spider plants or peace lily’s into your home which is more or less impossible to kill. Before you know it, you’ll be a plant parent!

Match with monochrome

If you’re feeling bold, matching dark green with monochrome styled wallpaper, furnishings, flooring or even blinds can elevate the look of the room. This combination will give a sense of pure indulgence and will ground the sharp look monochrome is all about. Try it in your home office or living room for an added touch of luxury.

Perfect for office

Along with being a calming colour, shades of green convey a feeling of authority which makes it perfect for formal settings like a home office. Green can be broken up into bright colours like yellow and gold which will bring a touch of glamour to your office.

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