Fun Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t far away now, so it s a good idea to start planning. I know for a lot of people it might be quite a chilled night. You might just get together for a girls night and have a meal with friends. If you are in a relationship, it is only right to do something together. I know you don’t need a specific date to show that you love someone. But we all need a little more love in this world, so why not embrace it? Here are some fun date night ideas that you could try, and they don’t have to cost a lot!

At Home Spa

Booking a spa day can be expensive and might be hard to coordinate both of your schedules. Why not try an at the home spa instead? You could run a bubble bath and light some lovely scented candles for your other half to enjoy. You could then give each other massages and perhaps a facial. It is always fun taking selfies with a facemask on. Bonus points if you get your other half to put on a face mask too!


Depending on your budget, you could eat out or plan a romantic dinner at home. This is the cliche thing for valentines but who can say no to good food? If you have a meal at home, you could both dress up smart to make it an extra special event. Decorate with candles and valentines flowers and you’ll be set. Dinner at home works great for parents with young children as it will save on the cost of a babysitter.

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Star Gazing

OK, how romantic? If the weather is good and it is a clear night, head out for a walk at the beach or a park. Find a place that you can set down a blanket and look at the stars. There are a lot of apps that help you to recognise the constellations so be sure to get one of those before you go. You could exchange gifts when you’re out or take some chocolates to nibble on. Such a fun and cute date but so low cost.


This is usually better if there are a group of you so maybe join up with a few other couples. It is a great date, if you haven’t been dating your other half for too long, as it is fun and informal. The shoes you’ll have to wear will make you look a little like a clown, but there is nothing better than a bit of friendly competition. You could try playing couples against couples for a different dynamic.


There will be a tonne of places that you could volunteer for the evening at. Think about shelters or other charities, contact them and then get involved. It will be so rewarding doing things for others, but you’ll have a great time together. Total relationship goals!

Whatever you choose to do on February 14th, I hope you have the happiest of valentine’s days!

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