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With more and more people experiencing intolerances and allergies to certain foods, it is great to know there are brands out there that understand these needs and provide great tasting foods for those who need it.

I fall into this category, as I am on a gluten and soy free, low GI diet prescribed by my oncologist twelve years ago because of my thyroid disease.

Back then, there wasn’t a great deal of gluten free foods available and those that were around were either very dry and tasteless or laden with fat and/or sugar to make the food taste palatable.

One brand I buy the most is Freedom Foods especially their oats (warm oats and honey in winter, yum!) and the Freedom Crunchola clusters (so delicious) but I have recently discovered Freedom’s Active Balance range.


Bloating, indigestion and bowel issues especially constipation become more prevalent as we get older and we need to prevent issues before then by eating the right foods now.

This is where Freedom Food’s Active Balance comes in, this innovative gluten free digestive cereal combines soluble, insoluble and prebiotic fibre to deliver a whopping 25% of your daily fibre needs in one single serving. How clever is that?

Prebiotics nourish the amount of healthy ‘helpful’ bacteria in the digestive system which then reduces the growth of harmful bacteria. Maintaining this balance can promote good digestion.

What is the difference between prebiotic and probiotic?

Prebiotics are a naturally occurring form of fibre that travels further through our digestive system to where the helpful bacteria live. By nourishing these ‘good bugs’ with prebiotic fibre, we optimise their number  and they in turn help to keep our system healthy, enabling your body to work at its best each and every  day. As prebiotics are a fibre and not a living organism, they are heat resistant, which keep them intact during the baking process and allow them to be incorporated into every day food choices.

Probiotics are living healthy bacteria which are contained in the food we eat. Increasing the amount of healthy ‘helpful’ bacteria in the digestive system reduces the growth of harmful bacteria. Maintaining this balance can promote good digestion. Probiotics can be very sensitive to temperature changes.

With offering 25% of our daily fibre needs and prebiotics nourishing our good bacteria, there has never been a high fibre cereal like it on the market and I don’t need to worry whether I am getting all of my digestive needs met. All in a delicious cereal I eat every day. Easy and tasty!

Active Balance comes in two tasty combinations Buckwheat & Quinoa (with Pepita seeds) and Multigrain & Cranberry ( my favourite).

For more information on Freedom Foods and the Active Balance range please visit:

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