Get Your Granny Flat Ready for Moving In


So, your home has an annex or granny flat, ready for someone to move in. Previously, you might have used it as a guest space or even rented it to holidaymakers. But now you want to prepare it for someone to move in permanently. One of the primary purposes of a so-called “granny flat” is to have an elderly relative or relatives live close to you. They can have their own space but be close enough that they can get any help they might need. It’s often a much more cost-effective way of living. But what if your annex isn’t quite ready for permanent residents? Perhaps you’ve been using it as a storage space. Get it prepared in time for the move-in day with the steps below.

Declutter First

Clearing out the annex will allow you work on your next steps. You might have been using the space for guests or storage. Whatever its previous purpose, it’s now going to be someone’s home. It can’t be full of clutter and needs to be space they can make their own. Your first job should be getting rid of anything that belongs to you and won’t be useful to the new resident. So you might leave a bed but get rid of any boxes you have been storing. Don’t forget about rubbish collection when you organise everything. You can have things taken away so you don’t have to find somewhere to put them.

Consider Any Major Adjustments

Your next job should be to consider if you need to make any big changes to the annex. One of the most important things to think about is making the annex accessible. Do you need to make any changes so your relative can get around? Perhaps you might want grab bars in the bathroom or an emergency alarm. Will it be better to have a walk-in tub? Do you need enough space to manoeuvre a wheelchair? You also need to ensure the space is safe, with fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Consider any conveniences too. Do you need to do any rewiring to put new lights in or anything like that?

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When the space is clean, and you’ve done any major work, you can think about redecorating. Before you do this, consider the needs and wants of the person who will be living there. It might be best to work with them so that you can decorate the space how they want it. However, if you just want to keep it simple, you can redecorate with neutral colours.

Leave Most Choices to the Resident

Try not to go overboard with making changes to the annex. Although it’s part of your property, it won’t be your home. Someone else will be living there and they should have the freedom to make it theirs. Before you make any decisions, make sure they are on board and agree with the changes you want to make.

A ready-made granny flat shouldn’t take long to prepare for new residents. However, you may need to give yourself a couple of months to get it ready.

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