Give Your Home A Seasonal Makeover With These Tips

Every year, you adapt your wardrobe to fit the seasons. Warm, cosy clothes in the Fall and Winter and lighter, brighter items in the Spring and Summer. Adapting your wardrobe to fit the climate outside is a smart decision, but it’s also a good decision to adapt your interiors as well.

You could go as far as hiring in a painting company to redo your walls every season, but that may be a little much for some. There are some fantastic ways that you can add the right feel and trends to your home as the weather changes, and we’ve put together some of the best ideas to make your home feel like it’s on point, no matter the season outside.

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Add Colour. Fall and Winter are renowned for being grey, gloomy and colder outside. This cold can often feel like it seeps into the house with the later sunrise and early sunset. The best thing you can do in the colder months is to add some colourful accessories to your home. Swap the white, lighter curtains for heavier ones in the winter, but make the colour pop so that you are adding something beautiful while keeping the cold out. Gold, bronze and deep green colours are perfect for the cooler weather as they invoke warmth just by looking at them! Check out these ideas for home accessories in metallic colours.

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Light It Up. Throughout the warmer months, the sun stays up for longer, decreasing the need for lighting to be on all the time in the home. In the winter, electric bills usually rocket due to the additional usage. Having smaller lamps with more economical bulbs can make the home feel warm and inviting. Candles are, of course, great for ambience, but lamps being on instead of the big light in the room would make a big difference.

Circa Home Fragrances add a lovely fragrance to your home that also look good.

Scented Delights. While we’re on the topic of candles, every year big companies like this one bring out their own ranges of candles that have scents that change with the seasons. Fruity, fresh scents for the sunshine months and cinnamon and apple scents for the winter months. If you’re not a candle fan, then seasonal flowers in bloom can fill the home with a gorgeous scent that lasts.

Nature Rocks. Throughout the year, nature changes. In the Fall, conkers and pinecones fill the local parks. Bring in some of outdoors to give your home a little natural décor that looks and smells just like the outdoors, but is far warmer! Small arrangements decorated with tealights make for an excellent talking point for visitors who come around for dinner!

Your home can really benefit from the changes in the season and while you don’t have repaint, re-paper or re-carpet your home to reflect the season, you could if you wanted to. Being on trend with each season – especially with winter holidays coming – can make you feel satisfied and comfortable in the place you call your home.


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