Giving Your Home an Air of Decadence

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When you’re decorating your home, it can become very easy to just imitate the decor of your friends or family. Many people play it safe with neutral walls, neutral carpets and generic flat pack furniture. This is simple, convenient and non-offensive. However, it is also resulting in a whole nation of ten a penny homes that don’t effectively reflect their owner’s personality, tastes, and interests. So maybe it’s time to add something a little different to your home. If you’re lavish, excessive and classy, you might want to consider adding an air of decadence to your home. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Colour Schemes

Decadence is all about beauty for beauty’s sake. It is about extravagance. It is about complete splendour. So ditch dull creams and whites and opt for something a little more eye-catching. Deep, rich shades will give a sumptuous feel to your decor. Test out royal shades of purple, wine reds and sensual midnight blues. If you are hesitant, you can always purchase sample pots to try out on small areas of your walls to check whether the shade is to your taste. If you like softer tones, opt for baby pinks, or blues. If you’re truly daring, go for the decadent favourite: sunflower yellow.


The lighting in any room determines its overall atmosphere. For a decadent touch, you will ideally want a dimly lit, sultry vibe going on. Try low watt bulbs with a warm glow. The current market has plenty of vintage bulb designs available, so opting for one of these may be best. Besides this, the fixtures themselves can really add a flare to any space. Consider crystal lighting. It looks classy and expensive. If you can find a crystal chandelier, you get bonus points. Alternatively, try out pendant ceiling lights. If you fancy something a little extra, look out for lamps in vintage and antique furniture stores and sales. You could potentially come across an absolute gem!

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Furniture is probably one of the most lavish aspects of decadent interior design. It is plush, comfortable and over the top. Think of chaise lounges: they are an extended seat for one individual to lounge around on. They take up excessive space but are worth it. Velvet or velour coverings add an extra suave feel. The more over the top, the better. Mix textures to give a sensuous feel to anyway sitting in your home. Search online for Art Deco tables and desks. Litter their surfaces with extravagant letter writing papers and glossy magazines. If you want to go all out on bedding, invest in a four poster. For a more subtle approach, simply purchase silky sheets in pure tones like white and cream. Pile up the pillows and have a comfortable throw draped along the end of the bed.


Mosaics may conjure old fashioned images in your mind but they can be brought back up to date with sleek stones and even glitter infused designs. Use these in your bathroom or kitchen.

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