The Post That Will Keep Burglars In Their Place

The thing with thieves is that they are cheeky. They see something they like and take it, regardless of who it belongs to. Unfortunately, this applies to people like us because burglars are opportunists. Apart from being annoying, it is also dangerous to have a stranger enter your home unlawfully. After all, there is no way to gauge their intentions, and the situation could escalate.

In my humble opinion, it’s best to keep them outside where they belong. Here are the tips which will make it happen.

Spruce Up The Doors And Windows

These are the two main entry points for thieves, so they need to be on point. The reality is that most doors and windows barely look as if they aren’t going to fall to the ground. And, the ones that look the part are still pretty shoddy when it comes to security. The trick is to spruce them up a bit with the right accessories. A deadbolt, for instance, is an excellent safety device for any door. Burglars are good at picking locks, but a deadbolt means they will have to break down the door. Regarding windows, Cooltone thinks reinforced glass is the answer. Let’s face it – both of these things make a property less enticing.


Put Pets On Guard

A guard dog is a cliché, but it is also an effective way to keep burglars at bay. Thieves are far less likely to break in if they know there is going to be resistance on the other side of the door. Even if you have a beagle which won’t do any harm, it still puts them off because the dog will bark. And, its bark is always worse than its bite. Whatever you do, don’t advertise the fact that you have a dog inside. Thieves are savvy, and they know that homes with a bouncer use their alarm system much less. Sorry, but that makes you a golden target.

Do The Gardening

Did you know that trees and hedges make a property more appealing to burglars? Don’t feel ashamed because most people don’t, but it is something to keep in mind. What overgrown shrubbery provide is lots of cover, and people looking to enter a house love to work in the shadows. It allows them to take their time and get their teeth into a project, which is bad news. Give them long enough and they will crack it because they’re professionals. By mowing the lawn and cutting back the hedges now and again, the cover will cease to exist. Trees are different because they need felling, but don’t do it alone or without an expert.


Sell Up Wisely

Moving house is expensive, but it can cost you a lot more if you aren’t careful. Estate agents take extensive pictures of properties and advertise them to potential buyers. Sadly, thieves also use these images to spot any valuables and time their visit. As a result, photos with belongings in them are catnip to burglars, which is why everything needs to go away beforehand. Also, ask the realtor to get in touch if a person wants a viewing.

Then, there is no need to advertise it to anyone who walks past the window or checks the website.

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