Go Longer: Rock That Rapunzel Look In Real Life

So you want great hair? Don’t we all! But when you dream of having hair that you can feel proud of, you often immediately think of long, bouncy, glossy locks. However, when you’re not born with them, you can often believe that you’re going to have to stick with what you have. But that’s not necessarily the case. Because great hair can be grown, bought, and owned. Just as long as you know exactly what to do to make it happen, there’s no reason why you can’t get those Rapunzel style locks that you’ve always wanted. Sound good? Read on to find out exactly how you’re going to do that.

Get Regular Trims

The very first thing that you’re going to need to prioritise, even if you have limp and lifeless hair, is to get regular trims. It’s something that you just cannot skip. Because when you want your hair to grow, it has to be healthy. It’s a misconception that leaving your hair longer between cuts will help it to grow That’s just not the case at all. Instead, you need to ensure that you focus on keeping it healthy with regular trims, and you should soon find that it flows and grows.

Stop Heat Styling

If you tend to go a little crazy with the heat styling, don’t worry because you’re not the only one. It’s something that we all find ourselves doing time and time again. Because when you love your locks curly or straight, you often have to be able to use electrical products to do that. But too much heat will always be bad for your hair. So, start by giving your hair a break day by day, and you should find that, before long, you’ll notice that it looks and feels so much healthier. And healthier hair can grow longer!

Stay Protected

But if you are going to think about using heat products on a regular basis, you’re going to want to try and minimise the damage as much as possible. With heat protection products, you can definitely keep your hair healthier. If you want to keep your hair growing and not breaking off, then you need to make sure you never skip this step.

Try Extensions

But maybe you don’t want to wait? When that’s the case, you should definitely consider working with some tape in hair extensions to get your look. Because your hair really can take years to get to a length that you’ll love. And you may not want to have to wait that long. So don’t. With extensions, you can get instant length and keep your own hair growing strong too.

Get Nourished

But if you are using extensions, then you’re going to want to make sure that you look after them. And that means not only using a good conditioner on your own hair when you wash it, but doing the same for your extensions too. Because extension care will keep your new ‘do looking lovely for as long as possible.


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